I love seeing you buzz through the stars so much. So much I love it. When can I go? I want to come. Isn’t that what I saw when I saw me as a bee in the night sky traveling through and around the stars? Isn’t it time? I feel so ready. I was ready years ago. I have to take my family, my animals, and my plants. I am so ready to leave here. I know you are showing off up there just for me to see you –just for me out of this whole planet. I know you are reading everything I write.

Earlier I was in a resting state. I barely made it through this week and especially today. I am so tired. I was resting and slipping in and out of sleep. I saw some reactions to random strangers coming across my truth for the first time, reading my thoughts. It is interesting that I am shown that often. Then it was like I was seeing a planet come to life and it was the most exotic plant life I’ve ever seen.

Is this your planet? Please understand that I am ready to go. I know that you know how I feel and what I’ve been put through. This is not my home. I don’t belong here. They will never stop trying to murder me. They will never stop trying to abuse and harass me. I want to leave. I want to be with you and have a new planet to be on where I will be treated humanely. I know the two thirds that did not fall to the earth are very wonderful and you are relatives and a distant family. Please come and don’t delay any longer. They will never stop doing this to me. I want to leave and never look back.