My indoor garden. The bulb giving off the purple glow is a grow light bulb. The round glowing ball is a salt lamp. I had so much joy this evening re-potting a couple things and cleaning others up. A little bit ago I put some burning sage up there. They really do like the smoke it gives off. I am happy and thankful to have this enjoyment.

My plan is to tend to this little indoor garden and do little things each day that bring enjoyment until the day comes that I get to leave here. This planet is not my home. It is not where I belong. I can’t stop thinking about what it will feel like to be somewhere on a distant planet where I will feel welcomed, accepted, wanted, and embraced. And not for some version of me that I am pretending to be just to get by in everyday life. But surrounded by those who love and want me around.

It cannot come soon enough. I am homesick for a place that I know will really feel like home and where I belong.