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I think I am engaged to a person of another planet. I have said yes because there is nothing for me here. There are two thirds of the night sky that did not fall to the planet Earth. There is so much out there and there are so many of them that are rooting for me. They are horrified by what they all have done and continue to do to me. The Universe is horrified and disgusted by it, Dan. They want to help me. There is one in particular who wants to help me and be more than just a friend. He showed me a ring. I can only imagine that if God allowed me to see it, then He is also willing for the arrangement. If God has blessed it, then this is what I have been led to. All of this, all that has been done to me and what I have experienced, perhaps this is what it was to prepare me for. Perhaps this is the first step to my destiny as ambassador to the night sky. Maybe the first step is to leave. Everyone knows I will not leave my children. He must take us all, including their Dad. They do not want me to suffer anymore and this man is in love with me. There is nothing for me here, Dan. This place, what has been done to me, I can’t express what it has done to me. It is a deep sorrow and has manifested in the darkest battle within.

Dan, last night the pain inside of me was so severe that the palms of my hands were aching in excruciating pain. They were so painful. I wept. The more I cried, the more terrible the pain. I was so sad about so many things. And then I was so scared that I was going to slip into a depressed episode. They are severe episodes. I cried.

I want to go. I have said yes. Creation is beautiful, but this place is horrible. There is nothing for me here. There is no new start. The way people have treated me is horrible. I will never be safe. I will never be treated humanely. The government is still trying to figure out how to kill me. There are so many of them that truly belong in prison for who they are and what they have done to so many. They are monsters, Dan. Dan, not one person in all of this has approached me or even felt the need to. This place is mentally ill. Maybe the planet is not ready and that is why God is willing to take me away. You know that happened to Enoch and Elijah, right? I did something for Him and that will lead to a shift in the Realms, not just a ripple, but a wave that will be felt throughout the entire Universe. It will eventually lead to something incredible. But maybe this is His way of doing something for me, since what I did for Him will always leave me in harms way.

I can’t wait to meet this man. I am so excited at night to see his ship sailing through the stars. Hear me, hear my yes to you. I want to go.

Dan, who was here when there was bagels.?