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I learned last night that the man I saw in the ice cave looking at the Sun is a King on his planet. He has long black hair that is very straight and silky. He is very beautiful. He is interested in me, so I am curious about him. I am curious about this two thirds that did not fall to the Earth when the great war broke out in the Heavens. I perceive that God is telling me that this man who is a King is friendly. I imagine so if he is from a collection of the Universe that chose not to follow fallen nature. Yet, there are many that are malevolent out there. I think there are those hostile against us because it was written that bowls of suffering be poured out upon mankind. They do the dirty work of Heaven. Funny that for so long they did not know why they were set on the course they’ve been on. God chooses to reveal mysteries through the two thirds that did not fall? No, through the fallen. They watch us closely. I perceive this man that looks like a very healthy version of us is friendly. I cannot wait to meet him.

As I write this I was shown the gray that is malevolent sneering as he will read this in a few minutes.