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Abuse is never justified. It can never be twisted by the mentally insane as a method of testing character. Abuse is not a test of character. The true test of character is when faced with a choice and choosing to do the right thing. Abuse is wrong and those whose character is that of a desire to harm others can never twist the abuse to justify their inexcusable actions. Those who lust after power and are agents of fear will try to justify abuse in any way they can. But they are not justified and rather than the right to abuse, they must be given boundaries and consequences that will protect all in freedom. Abuse is not a test of character. Those who campaign for such a right have already proven to have failed the test of character to do the right thing.

Your twisting is more of a failure than you are.

All people of all lands must rise up against traitors in leadership positions that are serving the horrific global group of elite powers.

You, yes YOU! You who is here and the you who is there, you have the right to LIFE! You have the right to LIBERTY! And yes you, you even have the right to PURSUE HAPPINESS!

You, yes you, have the right to be!

There is no such thing as the right to abuse. You are inept and corrupt. You blatantly disregard human rights that are immovable from every single person with breath in their lungs. You are the enemy of all mankind. You are devastating the planet and heaping suffering upon all mankind while you stand in the way of prosperity for all.

No group, whether religious, secular, OR SATANIC, has the right to, or entitled to harm others. Any group who believes they are entitled to harm is a threat to all.