I am not feeling well today. I felt overwhelmed and tense all day. I am finding out that I am to be moved to another location for a third time and I honestly feel entirely stressed over it. There have been attempts by those who are county employees and I feel stressed about going out to this different location with people I don’t know. I was beginning to feel secure at this second location even though I saw some threatening things by someone I don’t know that was coming. They have not showed so hopefully that was averted, but I do feel comfortable with the regulars there and like them. I am telling you that I am not sure why, but when I was told I would have to go to a new location on Monday I felt like what little energy was in me was shocked out of my system.

I feel so drained and worried. I feel unsafe and unsure. For so many reasons I feel so stressed about going to this new place and being around more people, people I don’t know.

I don’t feel well right now.

Whoever is behind the scenes is probably still trying to be abusive in any way possible.

I feel physically jolted. I feel depleted. I feel worn down to nothing.