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I am doing the best I can to process, to stay vigilant, to go on little sleep and extreme fatigue and in extreme pain —for the last couple weeks? No, for 7 years. I am doing the best I can under tremendous and extraordinary circumstances with unprecedented challenges and all alone. I am doing the best I can under stress, constant daily stress, the likes you cannot know. I am doing the best I can to focus and pay attention while I see wondrous and marvelous things, horrific and terrible things. I am trying very hard to maintain a level of being present and functional while at the same time that I am communicating in real time with this world and also seeing angelic beings of another realm.

I am doing the best I can to tune out the noise, but still remain receptive to the communications of Heaven.

Though you cannot relate, perhaps you might be a tad empathetic and understanding. Maybe you might be able to imagine what it might be like. It might be possible that you could muster up some kind of compassion.

We can only meet others as deeply as we’ve met ourselves. It is deep that calls unto deep, so that must be why He calls us there –that we might begin to know how vast and otherworldly, how full of life and wonders, He is.

There is a Kingdom within. We are walking portals. Within is a place. We go deeper, or we merely live on the surface never really knowing who we are. So, isn’t it interesting that I can write and communicate with a place that receives my internal conversation. Isn’t it interesting that my reaching out to the Universe has everything to do with me reaching within.