Agenda 21 – and the recent ones Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2050 – is a plan to depopulate 95% of the world population by 2030, according to Disclose.tv..
It is an action plan devised by the U.N. and signed by 178 governments at the UN Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. Its goal is the depopulation of humanity because “we are too many”. It is promoted by the elites as a way to “save the planet” and implemented by governments worldwide. Bill Gates even shared his view about how to achieve this goal by vaccinations and other means in a TedX lecture:
“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care & reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” (HumansAreFree.com ). from massawakening.org

Understand something: though there are places that are densely populated, the entire planet as a whole is not overpopulated. For those of us with a Faith in God, we believe that there should never be a fear set in the heart surrounding populating the earth, but rather it is something that is entirely blessed and encouraged by Heaven. “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the Earth and subdue it.” There is no fear in faith. There is plenty room. Yes, there are places where the people are crowded. But there are also places where there are no people. There is a way to populate the earth and not destroy nature. Yet these same people that claim people are destroying nature are also the ones devastating the planet with their population control agenda. When we understand our inheritance also includes the Universe, we understand the possibilities are endless.

Understand something: population control agendas are psychopathic. They are psychopaths. They are mentally insane. They are serial mass murderers that have devastated so many and devastated this planet for so very long. It is a very sick and psychopathic agenda, but there are also many the see the profit in it. For many it is about the need to murder and the need to feel a sick sense of superiority, control and power. But for many, it is all about the money. So, they are more than happy to jump on board.

U.S. Government Population Control

The United States National Security Council is the highest decision-making body on foreign policy in the United States. On December 10, 1974, it promulgated a top secret document entitled National Security Study Memorandum or NSSM-200, also called The Kissinger Report. Its subject was “Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests.” This document, published shortly after the first major international population conference in Bucharest, was the result of collaboration among the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Departments of State, Defense and Agriculture.

The Kissinger Report was made public when it was declassified and was transferred to the U.S. National Archives in 1990.

Although the United States government has issued hundreds of policy papers dealing with various aspects of American national security since 1974, The Kissinger Report continues to be the foundational document on U.S. government population control. It therefore continues to represent official United States policy on government population control, and is posted on the USAID website. –from hli.org

The Purpose of The Kissinger Report

The primary purpose of U.S. government population control efforts is to maintain access to the mineral resources of less-developed countries, or LDCs. The Kissinger Report states:

The U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries. That fact gives the U.S. enhanced interest in the political, economic, and social stability of the supplying countries. Wherever a lessening of population pressures through reduced birth rates can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resource supplies and to the economic interests of the United States.

The Kissinger Report also specifically declared that the United States was to cover up government population control activities and avoid charges of imperialism by inducing the United Nations and various non-governmental organizations—specifically the Pathfinder Fund, the International Planned Parenthood Foundation (IPPF) and the Population Council—to do its dirty work. –from hli.org

I don’t intend to make this an argument for abortion or ones rights surrounding that issue. I intend to show the foundational thoughts behind this agenda that is far more than the abortion issue. It is about actively harming all and devastating the planet. Don’t be fooled. This agenda is not about protecting your rights, it is about destroying them.

Massive Human Rights Violations

The document has directly and inevitably encouraged atrocities on an enormous scale in dozens of the world’s nations. Just four examples are shown below.

China. For many years, the United States government funded the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). In April 2017, the Trump Administration finally took the step of ending UNFPA funding. Why? One of the main targets of UNFPA money is the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The State Department grounded the change of policy the fact the agency “supports, or participates in the management of, a program of coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization” in China. While the UNFPA denies it, according to its own documents the UNFPA has donated more than $100 million to China’s population control program; financed a $12 million computer complex specifically to monitor the population program; provided the technical expertise and personnel that trained thousands of Chinese population control officials; and presented China with a United Nations award for the “most outstanding population control program.” Those unfamiliar with the countless abuses perpetrated under this program might consider reading material from 2015-present at the links for the  U.S. Congressional Hearing on China and Population Research Institute (PRI) for evidence. As the PRI article states, “More children were aborted under the one-child policy than the entire population of the United States.”

Peru. During the years 1995 to 1997, over a quarter of a million Peruvian women were sterilized as part of a program to fulfill then-president Alberto Fujimori’s family planning goals. Although this campaign was called the “Voluntary Surgical Contraception Campaign,” many of these procedures were obviously coerced. In fact, women whose underweight children were on government food programs were threatened with the withholding of this food if they refused to be sterilized, and others were kidnapped from their families and forcibly sterilized.

Uganda. Uganda became the first African country to roll back its adult HIV infection rate, from 21% in 1991 to about 6% in 2004, a 70% decrease. The nation accomplished this amazing feat by discouraging condom use and by changing the behavior of the people. The population control groups could not allow this success to interfere with their inflexible template, so they aggressively undermined President Yoweri Museveni’s program. Timothy Wirth, president of the United Nations Foundation, called this highly effective program “gross negligence toward humanity.” The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Population Services International, CARE International, and others have been pushing condoms as hard as they can in Uganda. Rates rose over seven percent, which Edward Greene, former senior research scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health, ascribes to riskier behavior and less fear of HIV as a death sentence. Recently rates have declined back to 6.2% again.  Nevertheless, Uganda’s initial success rate is perhaps the most egregious example of population control ideology trumping the science of proven HIV prevention programs.

India. In 2014 there was renewed international attention on India’s continuing forced sterilization program after dozens of women were killed and many more harmed due to the assembly line procedures being done in grotesquely unsanitary conditions. Female sterilization is still India’s primary method of “contraception.” According to the New York Times, as of 2016 four million tubal ligations are still done annually.  This continues to be financed by the US and other Western governments and foundations. As of 2017 there are no plans to stop sterilizations, but the Indian government is introducing free injectable contraceptives, which will also have major negative health impacts on women. from hli.org You would not believe how such injectables have devastated my health.

Outline of the Population Control Strategy in The Kissinger Report

The Kissinger Report explicitly lays out the detailed strategy by which the United States government aggressively promotes population control in developing nations in order to regulate (or have better access to) the natural resources of these countries. from hli.org

The following outline shows the elements of this plan, with actual supporting quotes from NSSM-200:

  • The United States needs widespread access to the mineral resources of less-developed nations (quote shown above).
  • The smooth flow of resources to the United States could be jeopardized by LDC government action, labor conflicts, sabotage, or civil disturbances, which are much more likely if population pressure is a factor: “These types of frustrations are much less likely under conditions of slow or zero population growth.”
  • Young people are much more likely to challenge imperialism and the world’s power structures, so their numbers should be kept down as much as possible: “These young people can more readily be persuaded to attack the legal institutions of the government or real property of the ‘establishment,’ ‘imperialists,’ multinational corporations, or other—often foreign—influences blamed for their troubles.”
  • Therefore, the United States must develop a commitment to government population control among key LDC leaders, while bypassing the will of their people: “The U.S. should encourage LDC leaders to take the lead in advancing family planning and population stabilization both within multilateral organizations and through bilateral contacts with other LDCs.”
  • The critical elements of government population control implementation include:
    • Identifying the primary targets: “Those countries are: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia and Colombia.”
      Enlisting the aid of as many multilateral population control organizations as possible in this worldwide project, in order to deflect criticism and charges of imperialism: “The U.S. will look to the multilateral agencies, especially the U.N. Fund for Population Activities which already has projects in over 80 countries to increase population assistance on a broader basis with increased U.S. contributions.”
    • Recognizing that “No country has reduced its population growth without resorting to abortion.”
    • Designing programs with financial incentives for countries to increase their abortion, sterilization and contraception-use rates: “Pay women in the LDCs to have abortions as a method of family planning. … Similarly, there have been some controversial, but remarkably successful, experiments in India in which financial incentives, along with other motivational devices, were used to get large numbers of men to accept vasectomies.”
    • Concentrating on “indoctrinating” [NSSM-200’s language] the children of LDCs with anti-natalist propaganda: “Without diminishing in any way the effort to reach these adults, the obvious increased focus of attention should be to change the attitudes of the next generation, those who are now in elementary school or younger.”
    • Designing and instigating propaganda programs and sex-education curricula intended to convince couples to have smaller families, regardless of social or cultural considerations: “The following areas appear to contain significant promise in effecting fertility declines, and are discussed in subsequent sections … concentrating on the education and indoctrination of the rising generation of children regarding the desirability of smaller family size.”
    • Investigating the desirability of mandatory [NSSM-200’s language] population control programs: “The conclusion of this view is that mandatory programs may be needed and that we should be considering these possibilities now.”
    • Considering using coercion in other forms, such as withholding disaster and food aid unless a targeted LDC implements population control programs: “On what basis should such food resources then be provided? Would food be considered an instrument of national power? Will we be forced to make choices as to whom we can reasonably assist, and if so, should population efforts be a criterion for such assistance?

Throughout the implementation process, the United States must hide its tracks and disguise its government population control programs as altruistic:

“There is also the danger that some LDC leaders will see developed country pressures for family planning as a form of economic or racial imperialism; this could well create a serious backlash. … The U.S. can help to minimize charges of an imperialist motivation behind its support of population activities by repeatedly asserting that such support derives from a concern with:

The right of the individual couple to determine freely and responsibly the number and spacing of children and to have information, education, and means to do so; and
The fundamental social and economic development of poor countries in which rapid population growth is both a contributing cause and a consequence of widespread poverty.” from hli.org

Let’s be very clear. To love freedom is to love it for all. We are either of the character that fights for freedom, or we are of the character that fights against it.

When we, no matter the ‘we’, are of a land, we develop that land. We seek the highest good of all. We then in turn look to neighbors of other lands and see that they have other crafts, goods and skills. We begin to have a marketplace outside of our own territory by establishing trade. We say things like, we like those spices you have cultivated, and have nothing like it here. But we also see that we have this that you don’t have. Would you like to trade? We establish marketplaces and a thriving worldwide economy that benefits all. There is no oppression, or groups ravishing lands and people. There is opportunity for innovation and design. Whenever anyone begins to act out and harm others for ill gotten gain, they must be dealt with swiftly. The sovereignty of nations must be honored and protected. There can be no hidden global elites seeing the opportunity to devastate all for ultimate governing power in oppression, profit through devastation, disease and murder.

We cannot tolerate any foreign hostile powers infiltrating our government with paid for puppets, sold out traitors, who weaken the sovereignty of our nation, launder the wealth of the nation away, murder those they are entrusted with, and are a threat to national security.

“They push their globalist agenda on all of us of no rights to property and other rights. People were even fined for collecting rainwater in their own homes, according to CanadaFreePress.


This genocidal agenda of humanity has already begun and there are many means implemented to achieve this goal, including chemtrails (or “Geoengineering”), vaccines, irradiated food, GMOs (Codex Alimentarius), smart meters, 5G deployment that Trump promotes as part of a “technology race”.
One such mean which is relatively ignored in the alternative media is mass population migration from Africa and the Middle East into the U.S. and Europe. In Israel, they helped bring about 100,000 migrants from Africa who conquered entire neighborhoods in Southern Tel Aviv and other cities where the local population literally became refugees in their own country and fled to other parts in the country. They terrorize the locals and it’s horrendous what happens in these areas. However, all these means sound great when they are termed the “sustainable development” under Agenda 21.” from massawakening.org

We all know that God has shown me the horrific things they have been doing –engineered hurricanes with a royal storm boat that has murdered and devastated so many for over a century, arson of our planet with provoked so called “seasonal fires”, war for profit, pushing drugs into communities, acts of terror, wag the dog politics with fake crimes, harmful things in the air and harmful things in the water, and yes, engineered “outbreaks” and so called “seasonal flues.” It is horror. It is unbelievable. They are psychopaths.

The corona virus, or COVID19, is another engineered intentional infliction upon mankind by this horrific group of global elites. They have many serving them and their agenda that are within our government, its agencies, and even the military. They are traitors to the nation. It is treason.

They are a menace to society and a plague to the nations.

What God has shown me is pure horror. They are the terrorists. They are psychopaths. They are enemies of the state, a threat to freedom and a threat to all. They are a threat to freedom.

Dissolve the political bands. Let facts be submitted to a candid world.

We must act and there must be full disclosure. All are in danger.


“Again, Agenda 21 is carried out by NGOs funded by foreign countries, like the New Israel Fund (funded by the Ford Foundation and others, including Muslim countries) as well as such groups as the Open Society Foundation (George Soros) and Oxfam with the intentions, I surmise, to destroy Israel from within like with other Western countries. Check the Periodic Report to ICLEI, the U.N.’s NGO that implements Agenda 21 locally, of 15 cities in Israel complying with its guidelines and here on YNET News.

According to the UN’s own website, this is a “comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations system, governments and major groups, in every area in which human impacts on the environment.” This plan is involved in every aspect of our lives according to Rosa Koire, an activist and a lecturer who tirelessly works to inform the unaware public about the dangers of this plan. U.N. Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is a corporate manipulation using the Green Mask of environmental concern to forward a globalist plan.” (www.openmindconference.com )
It seems that using the word “sustainability” helps them promote their depopulation plan unabated. It sounds so “green”, advanced, and progressive. Does it ring a bell? That’s the reason why most people will consider this plan as positive. So, what is wrong with it? Pay attention to the actions of those implementing it and not to “nice”, placating words such as “sustainable development”.” from massawakening.org

So all of this is being marketed as oh so woke thinking and being earth conscience. There is massive brainwashing out there in the media and academia. As I am creating this blog I heard: “She’s going to fucking die.” I am pulling this info off of other websites, so why do they see ME as such a threat? Because until I started releasing visions and opening the eyes of so many with so many first hand witnesses to the prevention of atrocities and how it exposed the underlying corruption and agenda, it was very easy to simply control the main stream media and of course, any who came out with a differing opinion could quickly be devoured. They actively try to make anyone who speaks of the horror out to be “crazy”, a crazy tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. They seriously even have conspiracy theorists that work for them. What, wait, really? Why would they do that and have someone working against them? Because when they can have someone out there intentionally behaving “crazy” and ripped apart before all, then they can further create the illusion that if you belive those things then you must be crazy and if you dare, you will be labeled and seen by all as one of those crazies. They even have them believe things so radical and so crazy that the truth in there gets buried and blurred as a part of the crazy. This is big business. This is big money. And beyond that, it is psychopaths who want to murder and want ultimate control. They fear and they hate. So, hear I am, not just another rebel journalist, or homegrown conspiracy theorist –there is no theory in irrefutable evidence. There are people worldwide that have been a witness to the things revealed through the interception of terror and truth revealed in visions by seeing the future. We are on a different playing field now, and I hold all the cards.

It is a demonic agenda. Money, suffering, control, power, hate, genocide, murder for fun, death for profit….

Whenever ANY form of government becomes destructive to life, destructive to liberty, or even destructive to the pursuit of happiness, it is the right of the people to ALTER or ABOLISH it.

They have created the latest “outbreak”. The corona virus –so much fear is being created by the media. This morning there was a headline stating that cases have increased where testing has been limited. Listen, testing is not a preventative measure or a cure–and you know what? Testing will do nothing but tell you yes or no. You cannot do anything but let the virus run its course just like the flu. You can treat the symptoms until it’s gone and do your best to make yourself comfortable. Oh what about pneumonia! What about all those who have died! This is the same with any other flu strain they have created. Those who don’t care for their self and succumb to further complications. Those who are weak will have a greater fight. This is the case with anything. Those with underlying health conditions or over 60, or anyone that symptoms continue to worsen, must seek medical care. So many die from the flu every year. All those beyond 60 years of age, and those with underlying health conditions will have a greater fight. Yet we had this gal, who I can’t remember her name or position, up there with Trump referencing the HIV virus in her speech and asking people to try and have compassion on others just as with HIV. What? Now we are comparing the corona virus to HIV? Compassion is always prescribed in any circumstance, but really? Do you see what they are doing? It is all about fear. It is all about planting seeds of fear in hopes to gain mass hysteria. Every year those who are compromised or weak must take extra precautions. Every year, those who get a flu bug should self isolate and be responsible. Every year we all are at risk to getting some kind of flu bug. Every year many die. It is sad. It is all instigated and perpetuated as “seasonal outbreaks”. It is population control agenda. It is political agenda. It is about money. It is about wag the dog. It is only going to keep getting worse. We must do something. That something must start with acting on irrefutable evidence. We must never allow legislation to be written that supports psychopathic agendas.

What’s that? We are getting close to an election? What should we do, a ginormous act of terror to instigate a war, or some kind of new global epidemic? You toss the coin, Bob.

Let each country protect their sovereignty. Let each country seek the highest good of all. Let there be autonomy. Let there be a global marketplace that honors and protects all. If someone has a skill, or good that you would like to have, then there must be a clear exchange that benefits all –NOT an oppressive domination to obtain what someone else has.

Our government is a fake store front for a treasonous group of traitors. We must act on irrefutable evidence and there must be true leaders put in place that will refuse to watch the horror. We must never allow freedom to be destroyed. We must never allow legislation to be written that attacks freedom and violates human rights.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.

No, you do not have the right to take away the rights of the people, or be in agreement with any agenda that harms, devastates, and murders. I on the other hand have the right, and not only the right but the duty, to come against you and to alter you or abolish you. You, however, are without legal right to EVER seek to punish, mistreat, threaten, manipulate, abuse or destroy, or retaliate against me in any way. Our rights were written to be more powerful than the government.

You are impostors and you are enemies of the state. You are a threat to freedom and a threat to all. Dissolve the political bands that have tied us to tyranny and prosecute the traitors.