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To be born into a place that is corrupt and not in the fullness of Spirit, we find that we do not have to be afraid of humility. All are born into this nature, even in the innocence of youth before one begins to look at Self, we are still of a nature that is corrupt and subject to the construct of this first order, because it is without the Holy Spirit. Even in innocence we are without the fullness of Presence here. We are safe to see that we all are of this nature. We are safe to say, “I am something that is here to learn.” No, no one is born with a nature higher than another. We are all on equal ground. We first have a fleshly birth, and then if we desire, we can also have a Spiritual Birth. Heaven views it as if we are new creatures learning to walk. We are finding our way home. When we can overcome ego, and not even overcome, but simply acknowledge that pride is an enemy to be overcome, we can begin to work towards putting off nature and begin to be lead by something different. That something is the Spirit that is set apart for nothing else but love. It is a different nature. It is the Holy Spirit. He is not ever mingled with darkness, though Heavenly places are. He is pure.

The Holy Spirit is something special. You may blaspheme the Father. You may blaspheme the Son. Those things can be immediately forgiven and if you call out for refuge, it will be provided. He might even wink at it knowing the folly of man without one ever even requiring one to ask for forgiveness. But if you blaspheme the Holy Spirit, well, then you must do the time for the crime. You will take the heat. No, this does not mean you are not accepted, or loved, or allowed into Heaven. It simply means that with everything else, you may or may not receive disciplines and there can be times complete covering will be given –“hide me away, Lord”, but there is no holding back of disciplinary action when it comes to the Holy Spirit. There will be many in Heaven who have spoken against the Holy Spirit, but they did not get the thorn in the flesh removed while breath was in their lungs.

God is serious about the Holy Spirit of Love. He is beyond reproach. He is pure love. He never bears the fruit of judgement, though God does. God is Love. He was not willing to leave the collective Bride’s side, but rather went to hell with Her –the valley of the shadow of death. However, the Spirit receded. Have you given much thought about that? God parted with the Spirit, to remain by our side. Much could be said here. Heavenly places that are mingled with spiritual wickedness include God, the Kingdom, and the Bride. Yes, even Jesus who knew no sin, He became sin. But it has never included the Holy Spirit of Love. There has never been anything impure mingled within Him. We really fail to grasp how God went to hell for us.

The fruit of the Spirit NEVER includes the fruit of judgement –NEVER. If there is fear, it is of another tree.

We are taking the long way home. It is a journey that was needed to bring us back to a place where we can once again be in the fullness and not be consumed. We are approaching a time when Death will be no more. This is when the mortal will put on immortality. It is the fullness of the Spirit in the Flesh. The I AM is being released. The Son is handing the Kingdom back over to the Father. He went to hell for us that He might die for us and die unto Himself, satisfying His own nature that put us into debt. Flesh without the Spirit is death. When the two become One, we have immortality. All things have been reconciled. The last enemy to be put under foot is Death. Immortality will be in our generation. No, not the idea of eternal life in the afterlife. It is immortality in the flesh.

We find that God does not deal in what we call “toxic positivity”. God holds accountable. Kindness is the Highest Expression of mankind. But kindness never implies the tolerance of abuse. We are relational and we are accountable. In the Ultimate Freedom to be we do not find anarchy. We find healthy boundaries that protect all to be. Freedom never implies the freedom to harm. Where do we find Holy Spirit? We find that He abides in Heaven. This Heaven is governed by the One Law that also cultivates a Paradise here. In this One Law that forbids all other laws we do not find a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority. This One Law is the ultimate supreme authority. This one law restores order. It was the breaking of this law that chaos was born. In breaking the One Law we practice the many, and in practicing the many we become lawless by not keeping the One. We find that we are set free from fear and in this fearless love we find an accountability that honors all. This One Law that forbids all others is the Ultimate Authority and it is a pure place where love prevails and one is pruned by the Spirit –the Spirit that never bears the fruit of judgement. This One Law that governs Heaven and cultivates a Paradise here is that no one should partake of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, or put plainly: do not judge your self. In doing so we sow fear and bear the fruits of performance and religion. Remember: first we judge our self, then we hate our brother. Out of this is murder. When we are set free from judging our self, then we are set free to love all. When we love our self, we do not find fault with others and neither will we place them in the chains of religion and in debt to earn God’s love that is a free gift to all.

We are having our senses trained. We are safe to say that we all have to begin. No one is without the fallen nature that is apart from the Holy Spirit. There is no boasting. There is not one above the other. God is Light and in Him there is no darkness. In understanding His nature, we are set free from ours. In learning that He does not want to judge us, but rather set us free from it, we begin to soften. We begin to see our weapons that produce fear and war within, then war without, are to be surrendered. We no longer have to fight self, because we can love self. When we love our self, we do not find fault with others. Instead of warring within, we beat our weapons into ploughshares that we might cultivate a paradise and let peace reign. This internal atmosphere changes the outward place of existence. Nevertheless, even in the Ultimate Freedom to be, that never implies the freedom to harm, and neither does Kindness imply the tolerance of abuse. In great freedom to be there are healthy boundaries. We are relational and we are accountable.

“He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

Micah 6

To walk humbly with your God will require mercy, but yes it also includes acting justly. Long suffering is always tempered with justice that mercy might be shown to all. In kindness there are boundaries to protect all. You will find that with God there is long suffering and sometimes to the extent that astounds us. But for the unrepentant and merciless that long suffering meets a day of reckoning. Let there be mercy. Let there also be justice that those who have suffered relentless cruelty at the hand of the merciless will also obtain mercy. In accountability there will be times that consequences are due and God delivers justice. Even without condemnation of soul, there are consequences in justice. Perhaps it is the experience needed for that person to begin to evolve.

There is a condemnation of soul that separates love from soul. This is forbidden. This is enmity. It is hostility that separates one from the Spirit of Love. Even without judgement of soul, there is justice and consequences. Even without judgement, there are healthy boundaries. Even without judgement there is correction.

We are waking up from this deep sleep that was put upon ‘Adam’. Mankind has been sleepwalking, the subconscious under a veil. We are learning about the highest truths. We are learning about our Highest Expression of Self and who the I AM really is. We are learning about nature and we are learning about the evolution of nature when born into Spirit.

All are loved. All are safe to be. All are welcomed by the Holy Spirit of Love. All are invited to partner with Him to cultivate something new within. It is so different from what we are that Heaven sees us as “new creatures” once we begin that walk. It was a Word spoken in the beginning. It was an expression of Self. We have become a different language than what is spoken in Heaven. We are as babes learning to talk. We begin to speak and we begin to take shape. When the Word that is God, and was God in the beginning builds our house of thought that we live in, we will find we are set on High in the atmosphere of Heaven.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

John 1

It is written that He, the Messiah, is the Chief Cornerstone. He is what we are to build around. He is the stone laid first that all others take shape from. When we choose to have Him build our House, it will be built around this Word that was in the beginning. Do not bear the fruit of self judgement. Out of this is fear and a multitude of laws. It bore the hostility of religions between mankind and the collective Bride. This One Law should be the Chief Cornerstone of our thoughts. This is how we bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. It is a design that is Heavenly.

“A song of ascents. Of Solomon. Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.”

Psalm 127

Kindness never implies the tolerance of abuse. We are relational. We are accountable to one another. In the Ultimate Freedom to be there are boundaries to protect all in that freedom. My rights end where yours begin, and your rights end where mine begin. Freedom never implies the freedom to harm or abuse. If you are abusive in spirit, you are in fear. The one who fears has not come to know the Spirit of Love. We can look at modern psychology and read of behaviors and the tremendous suffering that so many have had to endure from what we call sociopaths, or narcissists. Then there is all the victim blaming and victim shaming. There is all the twisting and trivializing by those who don’t want to be accountable or turn away from their addiction to abusing others. Have you ever thought about what God has to say about such behavior? Remember, we are not seeking to separate someone from the Holy Spirit of Love in condemnation of soul or put them in Spiritual debt. We are looking to be relational and accountable. We are looking to lay down pride that we might begin to put away abusive behavior that cannot be tolerated. So, really? Does God talk about sociopaths, narcissistic behaviors and the abusive? Of course, do not steal, do not murder…. but what else?

“Like a madman shooting firebrands

arrows, and death,

so is the man who deceives his neighbor

and says, “I was only joking!”

Proverbs 26

We’ve talked a lot about “gaslighting”. It is a term to describe a severely abusive behavior. Listen, no it is not something that is “not a big deal.” It is a dangerous form of abuse. Those who trivialize abuse are typically the ones who don’t want to acknowledge their own bad behavior. So, in pride they try to minimize and trivialize, or even victim blame. So, did you see what God thinks about such behaviors? Messing with someone’s mind, putting people on head trips, etc… this person is like a madman. This person is crazy. They are like a crazy person shooting arrows on fire at others. Doing so with words and actions and then when called out saying “I was only joking!” Oh come on, don’t be so serious! This behavior is destructive. It is abuse. And God compares such behavior as someone who is a madman. Another translation uses the word “maniac”. No, it is not acceptable or okay, or “not a big deal” to provoke others, or gaslight them, or abuse and then try and make others feel crazy when they call it out. The abused and provoked are not the problem. The abusive are the problem. It is never okay to abuse others physically or emotionally. God says mental abuse is like a maniac shooting arrows on fire into others. Another translation says “Just as damaging as a madman shooting a deadly weapon.” I think we are getting a clear picture that God does not minimize or trivialize such behavior.

Could you imagine that in real life? A maniac, a madman, going about shooting people with firebrands, or arrows on fire? They would certainly be locked up on the spot. The man who deceives his neighbor and then says “Was I not joking!” –is just as damaging and mentally insane. They are accused of throwing death. Such behavior is as a madman trying to destroy others.

No, it is not ever okay within families, secular or religious circles, the workplace, friends, or governments to ever abuse or tolerate any form of abuse. Those who minimize or trivialize abuse, make excuses for the one with the problem, or victim shame, are more than likely doing so because they too are guilty of such behavior and cannot acknowledge the wrong because in doing so they would have to face their own truth.

These sociopathic, narcissistic, individuals are extremely dangerous. It is these that sometimes go on to become full blown psychopaths.

Kindness never implies the tolerance of abuse. Freedom never implies the freedom to harm. This behavior is described by God as a form of insanity. We are not condemning soul here. We are learning accountability and how to be relational with healthy boundaries. We are safe to swallow pride and look at self that we might begin to uproot what is producing unhealthy things in us. If you have a problem with this kind of behavior, the Holy Spirit of Love is your cure. Learn to love yourself. These behaviors are a fruit of fear, jealously, feelings of insecurity… These are all fruits of self judgement. We all are of the fallen nature. We all can begin a journey to cultivate heaven within. Until we get there, there must be accountability, healthy boundaries established and enforced, and at times consequences and justice are due.

All things work together for good for those who love Christ. We can trust that even when consequences land on us, if we desire to give it to Him in humility, then we can watch and see how what feels unbearable for a time will train us to stop the behavior that is harmful to others. It is not about shame. But just as pain trains one not to stick their hand in the fire, so does a moment of shame train one to refrain from the bad behavior. It is not that we are to walk in shame, but it is a momentary motivator to promote the desire to not do something again. We acknowledge the feeling, we look at the action, we resolve to turn away from the behavior. Shame is not a state to live in though consequences might be lasting. We release the shame in love that we might bear up under the consequences knowing He desires our highest good. Just as balm relieves the burn, so does love relieve the shame. In both respects we learn to refrain from what harms us and others.

Listen, we are safe to make mistakes. Don’t live with them. Choose to put off the bad behavior. Sometimes consequences will be necessary to effect change and protect all in freedom. For those who desire, those consequences can become the thing that is the catalyst for growth and evolution out of a bad behavior that is harmful.

Abuse is never okay. Seek help, whether the abused or the abuser. Support groups are so important because many times human nature does not allow many to relate or be empathetic. You may have to love your friends as the Friday night fun group and hold your need for encouragement for a support group. Not everyone will be able to go there with you for many different reasons. Accept them for who they are. It is not okay for anyone to trivialize or minimize abuse. Go see the movie with them. Understand the depth you seek cannot be had with them. Find a support group or therapist who understands the effect that abuse can have and offer the encouragement and guidance you need. Most of the time it is only the abused that seek help. If we are pressing into a Spiritual walk with God, He will prune you. He disciplines those He loves. He will begin to give you wake up calls and opportunities. To be abusive is to be insane in God’s eyes. Isn’t that a different lens to look through. So often we victim shame and stigmatize the wounded and suffering instead of putting the spotlight on the one doing the wounding and wrongdoing.

To be abusive is insanity to God, but He says that He will bind up the brokenhearted. To be brokenhearted is not insanity to God, yet we treat the depressed like they are mentally ill. He is the lifter of our heads. He wants to heal and He also wants to set free. Those who abuse are the ones most governed by fear.

We are safe to love mercy. We are safe to act justly. We are safe to walk humbly with our God. We are safe to have a human experience. We are safe to make mistakes. We are safe to acknowledge something in us that needs to be uprooted. We are safe to sow seeds of love within that we might offer fruits of life to another. We are safe to partner with Christ and put hand to plow that we might cultivate a paradise within.

In the Ultimate Freedom to be there is not anarchy, but a system of accountability with healthy boundaries that protect all and it is a system that will at times require consequences to establish justice and effect change. We love mercy, but we also must act justly that mercy might be had by all.