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Even in crippling pain I know how to move. Listen, there are some of you that are considered in positions of authority over many, or considered to have a lot of influence in these hidden circles. Understand something, in the end, it is my choice. Not to mention, no babies. So, this ridiculous notion that is out there needs to be shut down. Perhaps I revealed a vision regarding one of you. You know full well that I have learned that is to be taken with a grain of salt. I will decide what I want. I will not put up with any patriarchal shit show. I decide what I want. I am not owned. Believe me, don’t expect me to wait another decade on another fool cut from the same cloth. I have no reason to be in love with any of yous’ absence.

One thing is for sure, if any of you up there where you think you are untouchable and can do whatever you want to get whatever you want, ever attempt to harm anyone thinking they might be an obstacle, I will strike. I will not put up with it. If you can’t win my heart fair and square with real effort, then go away. I don’t care how fond I think I might be of you in the future, I will not tolerate that behavior. You will be cutting off your own head if you harm anyone because you think they might catch my eye.

I already have expressed this to one of you, but it is for all. That behavior will backfire on any of you in a big way. It is my life. I choose what I want when I decide I want it. I am not owned. I am not going to call out who I am perceiving and why. I am sure you know within yourself. You have zero urgency, care or concern when it comes to me, yet you want to play the fool like I’m property. You are perfectly happy to sit back and watch my suffering and can certainly live without me as long as needed.

I give no effs if you don’t win in the end. Perhaps you’ve already lost. One thing is for sure, if you behave that way, you will have no chance at all. As much as you can be redeemable with God, a future with me will not be. Such an act would weigh so heavy on my heart and I would have to live with that. You will end yourself if you do anything of such.