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I guess if you are really not wanted on a planet by any, God will find a friend for you somewhere in the Universe. It was so sweet. As you know I have not wanted to move all that much today. Earlier as I was awake, but lying down, I saw the image of this man’s planet. The man who is attempting to communicate with me. He showed me the sweetest thing. It was a field of grass and there was a wild flower. It was very unique. No, nothing like a rose or poppy. It was white and green. You know how a flower will have the stamen in the middle of the petals? It was almost like this was nothing but a flower of stamens, various layers, in circles. It was like the petals were these thin tubular things that looked like what we know as stamens. It was sand dollar large.

Flowers in an image from across the Universe as a sentiment –that really is maximum effort. Isn’t that the sweetest thing? It sure is. That is not the gift that I saw in the palm of his hand earlier though. That object was smaller than a quarter, but I think it is tech. I am wondering if it will be a means to open communication. I perceive that this man cares about me. I know there have been many out there that have been appalled and disgusted with how the governments of this world have sought to murder me or harass me.

God is giving me permission to establish contact with this person, and in doing so will shake the programming off of this earth. I don’t know how he plans on giving it to me. Perhaps he will show me how to build it? I hope he finds a way to give it to me in person. I have already established a code word for him to use if I see him passing on a street, so I will know it is him.

Perhaps real men that don’t sit idly by and watch women be hunted can only be found on other planets.

Beam me up.