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I often wonder why this beautiful life of mine is consumed with pain. Today was at an 8 on the pain scale of 10 being the most. My level of exhaustion put me at about the same percent on energy. I made it through. I smiled at others. I laughed. I did my part to pretend I am not in pain, and that everything is not what it is.

Today I was told a secret by the Father. He is the Revealer of Secrets. He gave me a strict warning not to say anything. I honor that when He does. Why am I telling you that then, if I cannot tell you? I want you to know what gives me life and fuel for the day. All I know is if He thinks I can handle knowing and seeing such a thing, then He must believe I can handle anything.

I know my pain is not forever. I am begging He will bring the moment closer to me.

He continues to show me interesting things that I may tell you about. Last night it was like I was again looking at stars in the night. Then it was like the field of vision framed itself, and broke away and now was inside a room. There was a floor. This field of vision was like it was on glass and at an angle. It was large. I saw a man standing there looking at it. I would say the height was 8 feet and double for the width. It was a large rectangle that was like framed glass and able to create a visual of the night sky. Then I saw this particular scene flash with lines in between the stars like a pattern of connect the dots.

He is constantly reminding me that everything is bigger than what I am experiencing now. It helps. I love to think of magical things, things that are otherworldly. I love to imagine and think of the day I get to be at the helm of His chariot. These are the things I hold on to and gives me strength.

All things are possible to the one who believes. So, I imagine I will do everything and then some.

“Do not test the Lord your God” –oh so ominous. PUHlease. I say whatever to that. But what about all the times it reads, “test me in this!” “See if the flood gates don’t open for you!” Indeed I will test you. Certainly it will be not only a good report and a glory to the Father, but it will be something so much more than that.

Adventure awaits.

Grant me God Speed from Your very Own Lips. I imagine it is greater than the speed of Light. This I know, in all of Your harm, Your desire to harm no more and prosper instead is Your greatest desire. No matter the weight of glory, I know even in the midst of the pressing weight that Your touch will be worth it.