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I have been up all night. I am exhausted and I am in so much pain, extreme pain. If it is a scale of 1-10, I am at a 50 right now.

I cannot even think to tell you all that I saw and experienced last night, but I will tell you a couple things.

I was directly communicating with someone from another place in the Universe.

He has offered me a gift.

I accepted it.

When I said that I accepted it, I saw the hand of God come up and around like someone slamming something on a table, but it was so large it was as if the earth was the table in proportion to His arm and hand. He had a large pyramid and slammed it into the earth. But it was upside down and the point pierced the earth and shattered the foundations of the earth to its core.

Now, do not fear. Do not be afraid.

These things are symbolic and metaphorical. This is about mankind waking up and old thought patterns that are the foundations of this first order being broken.

There is so much to be said. There was so much more that I saw. But I am in extreme pain. I have to lie down. I don’t think I will make it in to work. I can barely walk upright.