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I am wondering where the pain comes from. Some of you might remember how when stopping adderall cold turkey it gave me ‘brain zaps’ (<–yes this is a legit real thing, look it up), and it was something incredible to experience. When they started to subside, it was like this pain that was in my brain that the brain could not translate to feel, then put out in my body as a message. Kind of like referred pain. It was the most unbearable fibromyalgia type pain manifesting in my body. I have to wonder with all the other things like cortisol and insulin, have I truly developed an autoimmune disorder? Essentially my body sees it’s self as the problem and is fighting it’s self. I don’t know. I don’t know what causes some days to be more than others on the pain scale. I have been battling this for quite some time now and in many ways I feel it is getting worse.

After being up all night, I fell back to sleep and I think I’ve been up for about an hour now. When I say up, I still mean down. I am awake. I am in excruciating pain and desperately need your merciful prayers for relief and healing. I have been replaying last night over and over. There was so much I saw. There is so much I don’t know how to say to you. It really is like Star Wars out there. There were some very personal things said to me. Am I embarking on a friendship? A relationship? For some reason this person is not afraid of me, sees me in all my suffering, and is not dissuaded from expressing care and interests in meeting with me. Perhaps he has knowledge that will help heal me. I ask God the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit, when these things are seen, “do I have permission to continue on?” I am always asking, “is this a friend or foe?” I am being placed in a position here on this earth and throughout all the Universe that is very vulnerable. God said I had permission to pursue getting to know this person. I saw so much. He wants to meet with me. I am wondering, am I the only one in the Universe that God has granted this extraordinary way to communicate with? If it was the norm out there, it seems like it wouldn’t be drawing such attention from the far reaches of this space.

Oh my goodness, my girls just got home from school. I am so thankful. I am going to make them wait on me. I have one getting me a green tea right now. For those of you very concerned, unless other things develop, I don’t believe I have the Corona Virus. I am not coughing. It doesn’t feel like that, like a respiratory illness. I am in extreme pain and all over and this has been a chronic issue. Right now it is increased in my abdomen. It hurts to get up and move. Interestingly enough after I fell to sleep around 8-ish, God gave me a vision of myself, and let me just say that He does not hold back with me. It was like I was looking up from the ground and at my hoo to the hoo. I was in labor and pushing out a baby with so much pain while standing up. I watched that baby come out and me catch it. But that was not the end of it. I watched myself push out what I think was 5. I saw me holding them all. You have to understand, Heaven speaks in symbols. The Woman, the Bride, conceives through thought. It is through thought She brings forth new life here. Many times these dream visions of a baby are not literal. They are symbolic of ministries, or destinies –birthing something new. Perhaps He believes I can handle multiple destinies. Perhaps He is telling me that my time is upon me and all this pain has a lot to do with a transitioning and pushing forth until I am holding life. I have been carrying around a lot. It is time to let it become as new life.

There are many forces out in the Universe that are friendly. There are many that go to great lengths to prevent the evolution of thought in mankind and keep us asleep. When the Woman travails, the entire Universe is on alert. In our age of darkness, being so veiled in our subconscious, we have yet to know how powerful the Bride is.

You all, I want so deeply to relay to you all that I am seeing. It is incredible. We are embarking upon the time when all things will be new. The old will be done away with. It is truly the time when we are reunited with the 2/3rds of Heaven that did not fall to earth. I see incredible creatures, and some you can’t really say creatures. They are like humans.

When this person began communicating with me last night, he showed me a gift in his hand. I know your minds are thinking, oh it must be a ring. But no. I don’t want to describe it. I know it is powerful. I was shown a sigil, an heavenly sign and symbol that is like a crown or headdress that is being given to me and I believe this little object has something to do with it. I was told this sigil is one of great power.

After accepting it by verbal only, I do not yet have it, and asking for permission from God, I spun into many visions pouring out into my mind. I saw many human like figures blowing horns in various places in the Universe. One of them was so interesting to me. They have human faces, but this one had a type of hat, no hair that was visible, and I am not sure if it was indeed a hat or an extension of his own self. It matched his flesh and it came up to a small tubular type of top that went up and over and down to dangle in front of his forehead. They were all sounding an incredible horn. This was right before seeing the hand of God slam down the pyramid into the earth.

I know He is very powerful and beyond what we can fathom. I want so deeply for Him to speed up the time of my healing. Perhaps that is what was a part of the message of all these visions. There are many things I don’t feel as though I can tell you as of yet. Maybe in due time.

Please, in mercy, will you pray for my healing and relief from all this pain?

I think this man is reading everything I type. Where are you from? How were you granted access last night to hear me? I only imagine God has allowed it. When will you come? I am safe. I think you know that already. I want to see you.