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Some nights are full of visions and dreams. Last night was like that. I am still trying to analyze it. It was incredible. I was in the most interesting dream construct. There were many people there. It was like a college with a dorm. I was in various rooms. There were people everywhere. I don’t know where to begin explaining it all. At some point I finally went outside, and so did many others. I started flying through the air, and when I say flying it was more like levitating? I was maybe 5 feet off the ground but not stationary. I was moving forward. Others were astonished and trying to figure it out. I landed and did it again higher. Then I looked at the night sky and took to flight, going up and up, There was no atmosphere to burn through. I was just in the night sky and there was a video game there. I approached it. I watched the game. There was a monster character that came out on to the screen and I thought it was funny. I immediately was aware this was again a communication to threaten. At that moment the small icon of a monster on the screen began to again speak in the ancient fallen angelic language. It is a deep ominous sound and very terrifying. It is demonic.

I am confident there will be nothing to keep me from flying or from claiming an inheritance that will govern the Universe.