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“that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Gettysburg Address is a speech that U.S. President Abraham Lincoln delivered during the American Civil War at the dedication of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

All are created equal, all have the right to be. Anyone who believes they are entitled to harm others is a threat to freedom, and a threat to all mankind. With ultimate freedom to be comes boundaries that protect freedom for all.

Freedom never implies the freedom to harm. Freedom never implies the freedom to micromanage others’ lives.

We cannot tolerate a government that becomes infested with any group that holds to any doctrine of entitlement to harm. There can be no one in an office of servitude within a government that is of the people, for the people, and by the people, that holds to an higher allegiance to any group that is greater than the allegiance to freedom and to the people.

You have a right to speak.

You have a right to be.

You have a right to life.

You have a right to liberty.

You have a right to pursue happiness.

We cannot tolerate impostors planted in this government to serve foreign hostile powers, or a secret club of elites that engage in psychopathic agendas that harm all. We cannot tolerate any agency or group of people that has infiltrated the government in order to create a shadow government that supersedes the will of the people and undermines administrations.

We must press into evolutionary thought that brings us out of outdated party politics that is nothing more than a circus act to keep America divided and under a smoke screen while the wealth of the nation is laundered away. It is divide and conquer tactics set into play to control the masses with pride. To condemn a behavior, but ignore it on your side out of party pride is absurd. That is not patriotism to fight to uphold an illusion while the terror continues on. It is absurd. Rather than party politics, we need leaders who actually love freedom more than the illusion of their party that is nothing other than a vehicle to serve special interests.

To seek the highest good of all and uphold freedom, one will have to overcome pride in order to acknowledge the faulty practice and failed policies. This idea that policies can be set into play, and if your party is in, then it is because 8 years ago someone else put them there, or vice versa, is just stalling and good old fashioned fuckery. Accountability is the platform for change. End party politics. End the game and illusion that the federal government should be micromanaging the states and the lives within. We need leaders who seek the highest good of all. We need a government that is a platform to uphold the people to freedom, not an obstacle overshadowing all.

We must have a government that seeks the greatest policies to advance the people, not a government that is in a continual fight to advance the political interests of their party and foreign hostile powers. As much as you would like to believe it, we do not have a government that is of the people, for the people and by the people. It is not. It is an illusion, and as long as they can keep you in the ridiculous mind control of party pride, they can continue on funneling mass amounts of tax payer dollars, laundering it under the guise of “honorable causes” and so called “foreign aid” while you fight your endless squabble. It is a circus. It is a game. It is a deception. The American people should be outraged at the Hollywood reality show that is our government.

You are under the illusion of a capitalistic society, but you are really under a socialist construct. You are under tax slavery –a hidden kind. We have a right to pay taxes. Yes, a right. We have a right to set aside a small portion to have a large portion flow back into to communities for all. We have a right to build community. We have a right to create incredible communities with innovation and design. We have a right to care for those with barriers rather than having them shit in the street. We are witnessing the result of years of tax slavery coming to fruition with the beginning of our very own European Medieval Shit show. You, my fellow Americans, have been subject to tax slavery by the sold out traitors in office as they launder the wealth of the nation away. It is something the American people would never have agreed to, so it has gone on under the radar and of course with extreme bulling through the paid for media. Oh you are scum if you don’t send 100 billion dollars over the next 5 years to support climate change while they set the world on fire and ravish it with engineered storms from a Royal Storm Boat.

You have been played. Since the world elites could never simply engage in any tea tax methods, ultimate deception was key. Create disease, engineered climate change, instigate war for profit, and then on top of all that, funnel even more billions under the guise of charity and foreign aid.

America has been the world’s Bitch.

At one point we were the “so called wealthiest nation on earth”, as we were being deceived to give it all away. Rather than building the greatest communities, we have been working to double billionaire and millionaire bank accounts world wide. I have to wonder what our landscape, what our small business marketplace, what our education system, what our health, would look like if we were actually using taxation for its intended purpose instead of being subject to a socialist construct that pushes down the masses while creating an impossible gap to cross while elevating a 1%.

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I wonder what our landscape would look like if we were creating a system of self sustaining fountains of prosperity at local levels rather than having the wealth of the nation sucked dry by traitors not only at federal levels, but state as well. Instead of images like this one above from Dubai, we have the reality of tax slavery manifesting all over like this picture:

Image of LA from KCRW .com

We have a homeless epidemic, and a housing crisis the likes we’ve never seen before. Thanks to the failed policy and traitors in office serving foreign hostile powers that first want to pummel you with engineered storms and fires, then tell you that you have to send billions of dollars every year to them.

Congrats America on being so consumed with your party pride that you are willing to be brainwashed rather than see the truth right before your eyes. But hey keep living in a pile of shit while you are being told you are a pile of shit if you don’t send the wealth of the nation away. Do you know what the UN is great at? At tending to the needs of the impoverished and war stricken people across seas? No. They are great at making fantastic posters while they fuck the orphans in the ass and rape widows. The UN is the elite ATM machine for money and pedophilia.

Listen, most of you don’t want to hear this, but our education system is shit curriculum slowly being designed to dumb everyone down.

Perhaps it is an age old grudge by those whose efforts to gain ground here and control those who broke apart were thwarted. Regardless how it started, an opportunity was seen to implant traitors in a government that would work to gain access to the money.

NO ONE serving in this government should EVER be actively engaging in efforts to seek the interests of foreign hostile powers over the people. Oh they want you to believe if you do not, then you are a racist. That you are not cool. It is a bully tactic to keep everyone from fighting against them. The truth is very, I mean very, little money trickles down to actually helping those in need. You are sending money to double billionaire bank accounts, to ENABLE the war for profit that harms so many innocent lives and devastates countries and peoples. It is a nightmare what this sick elite group has done.

Do we need another civil war here? I don’t know. If those in a certain grasp of power do not act on irrefutable evidence, then that may be the only option. The whole border thing, that is wag the dog crap. All the people swarming the border –it is all provoked. What happened in Venezuela with CIA provocateurs, it is all instigated, provoked. They continue to create civil unrest and push people under the thumb of oppression to not only rob the people of their wealth, but also cause mass migration in efforts to create a weakened society everywhere. Because people are bad and we must keep them out? No, but because these people are crafty and they know that when there is suffering there will be people who will do anything for a buck. They will do the unspeakable thing in order to create the chaos and wag the dog and devastate so many. These are clever and depraved people who see the opportunity that suffering creates. They understand what they can get from the psychological warfare.

If they can keep you in fear, especially in great fear, then they can control you. They will be able to manipulate you. They will be able to create chaos. They see that in chaos is much to gain at your loss. Listen no matter how much there is love within people, or how many people are looking to reach past the things that divide us, they will actively create the illusion that it is not there. They intentionally create fake hate crimes.

It is about money. It is about weakening the sovereignty of nations in order to gain ultimate control with a one world government. They are people with no conscience and no honor. They have no loyalty to anyone and they want to create a world with no loyalty any where. It is about ultimate power and money. It is about creating a world wide system of “class”. It is one that puts a 1% at the top manipulating, devastating, murdering all while they sit at the top watching and capitalizing on the suffering. It is a group of psychopaths. They are the most dangerous mentally ill and depraved of all. It is time for all people everywhere to no longer be provoked to war or manipulated.

It is my STANDING RECOMMENDATION that all countries kindly ask all CIA to leave and not allow anyone in who engages in these tactics. It is also my standing recommendation that all countries look with eyes wide open at those traitors in office who know the sensitivities of their people and intentionally allow others to provoke civil unrest and tensions in order to instigate war for profit.

I stand with the Son of God, the Messiah, Yahweh, Jesus the Christ, who showed me the visions that the CIA is to be destroyed. It is the root of the shadow government. This hidden group is a group of traitors guilty of the highest treason against all mankind. They are sold out to foreign hostile powers and actively are trying to cover up the fact that they have KNOWN about the intentional, not seasonal, but intentional fires. They have KNOWN about the Royal Storm Boat that has been out at sea for a CENTURY devastating and murdering countless people.

It is intended to be a government of the people, for the people, and by the people.

The people have a right to know what their employees have been up to.

I don’t care if some fancy oh so special actor hands out a ton of money to sway the votes of a state, it is wrong. You do not have a different set of rules. You are not above the law. You are not granted the right to usurp the authority and consent of the governed that is allotted to all in measure. This equity cannot be swayed to negate the will of the people. Human rights are not subjective. They are not conditional. They can never be subject to the whims of the corrupt and neither does your neighbor get more rights if he has more money.

The People have a right to know.

Whenever any form of government becomes destructive to your life, to your liberty, or to your pursuit of happiness, then it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. No, they do not have the right to first violate your human rights and then seek to harass, mistreat, threaten, punish, or abuse anyone who blows the whistle. They are committing serious criminal offenses in doing so.

The United States government never has the right to withhold protection, service, or connection to any citizen.

The very act of classifying information is in violation. We cannot tolerate a government that is controlled not by the people, but by a shadow government that is hostile towards the governed, violates human rights, and then calls it classified and further commits criminal acts by aggressively going after those who call out the crimes.

The very act of classifying information is a threat to national security and a danger to every citizen. The People have a right to know what their employees are doing. We must alter or abolish any form of government that has become destructive to us. We have a right, and not only a right, but a duty to establish new guards for our future safety and happiness.

We can no longer tolerate this government of traitors. Civil and political rights prohibits arbitrary deprivation of life; torture, cruel or degrading treatment or punishment. No one who places political agenda above national security and the safety of the people is fit for office, uniform, or title. It is NEVER justifiable. No one is ever allowed to come against those who call out crimes in the government. Those who do so have proven to be impostors and a threat to freedom, a threat to all. Enemies of freedom are enemies of the state and need to be dealt with swiftly. No, they do not have the right to come against you, but uphold you to freedom. You on the other hand have the right to come against them and any form of government that has become destructive. IT is not only your right, but your duty.

We are either of the character that fights for freedom, or we are of the character that fights against it. They are traitors. They are guilty of treason against the entire country and all mankind. Those in this government, its agencies, or the military, who abuse power, commit crimes against the people, and then seek to harass those who call it out must be dealt with as the traitors they are.

And this ridiculous party pride that hides the horror just to fight to keep up an illusion must end. If it is bad practice, then it is bad practice. If it is bad policy, then it is bad policy. If it is treason, then it is treason. True leaders seek the highest good of all, not an illusion that hides the absurd truth that they are only working for special interests while they abuse power and drain the wealth of the nation away.

Reparations are due. Consequences are warranted. Significant and tangible consequences are due for such malign behavior.

No one has the right to harm you.

No one has the right to subject you to tax slavery. No one has the right to abuse you or threaten you if you speak, or even gas you if you do. No one has the right to burn your house down. No one has the right to put harmful things in your water to create cancers and sickness. No one has the right to create viruses and disease outbreaks. No one has the right to engineer weather and devastate you and murder you. No one has the right to create gigantic underground drills to instigate earthquakes and tsunami’s or provoke volcanoes to erupt. No one has the right to use windmills or planes to put things in the air that are harmful. No one has the right to damn water and create droughts. No one has the right to sell out their people in order to create war for profit.

My rights end where yours begin. Your rights end where mine begin. I have the right to swing my arms around, but I do not have the right to do so in your space and cause you injury. In the Ultimate Freedom to Be, there are boundaries to protect all in freedom.

Freedom never implies the freedom to harm.

Freedom never implies the freedom to micromanage people’s lives or persecute them for beliefs that vary from your own. If there is a freedom that is consensual and not a form of abuse, then within that person’s space they are free to act. You do not have to like it, or it may not be appealing to you, or you may not understand it, but you can be set free to let all be.

“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and in his joy he went and sold all he had and bought that field.”

Matthew 13

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls. ‘When he found one very precious pearl, he went away and sold all he had and bought it.”

Matthew 13

What is this pearl? What is this treasure that when one finds it, they get rid of everything else just to have that treasure, that pearl of great value? What is this wisdom that is like an otherworldly language that has become a word we cannot recognize and is hidden, but in plain view?

“You must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.”

Genesis 2

Buried indeed. To put plainly, this concept is to not partake of a self judgement that in turn cultivates fear and all forms of religion, which are systems of hostility. Bearing this fruit is forbidden in Heaven. Have traditions that are beautiful and meaningful. But they must be had without judgement that causes one to perform in debt rather than celebrate in love. Whether it is a fear based reaction or a real love motivation is paramount.

Listen we are learning a new way to be that is where we came from. We are learning how to speak a different language and in doing so we are becoming the Word that was spoken in the beginning. We are learning to see the truth that we may align with Light and once again cultivate a paradise here by keeping the One Law that governs Heaven and forbids all other laws. This is the atmosphere that God will walk in, and we will be like the cool of the morning with the Son dawning upon our hearts.

Remember, first we judge our self and then we hate our brother. Out of this is murder. If we love our self, we will not find fault with others. We will simply allow all to be. Nevertheless, in this freedom of self evolution, we are still relational and accountable to one another. Freedom never implies the freedom to harm. It does not imply the freedom to micromanage or forbid liberties, but neither does it imply freedom to force others to partake in your freedoms. Each has their own sphere of self existence. You may do what you want there and learn through experience and cultivation what is your highest expression, what is your likes and dislikes. But you also can only invite others to live there with you. Just as it is forbidden for others to impose law or any legalistic opinions upon you, it is equally forbidden to force others to partake in any freedom. All are safe to be. Within the Light, the Light will prune.

The point is, whether religious or secular, we must press into the greatest truths of freedom. You can have for your self. You may not govern, whether religious or secular, in a way that violates human rights. Your pursuit of happiness may look different from someone else’s. That is okay. Let each work out their own salvation. And what are we being saved from? A self judgement that causes fear to produce the fruit of religion. When we are set free, we are set free to let all be. It is up to the individual and God to determine what their Highest Expression of Self is. The I AM emptied Himself to the point of the cross, rather dying to rise in love that all might do the same.

We cannot tolerate any group, whether religious, secular, OR SATANIC, to infiltrate federal or local governments in ways that impede upon liberties. You may have your “think so’s” but they must exist in your own personal sphere of existence, and if when invited one decides they do not want to live there with you, then so be it. Perhaps you may find you would rather live in someone else’s house of thought they have built for themselves. Regardless, I hold to the belief that unless the Lord builds the house those that labor do so in vain. What is this Lord? He was the Word in the beginning. It is the word that builds a house of Love, not religion that separates. We are embarking on the time when the Woman becomes the Power on earth in Dominion. This is when, as all of creation has been groaning in the birth pangs, She will give birth to the One Perfect Man. It is not a Bride segregated in various belief systems and subcultures of thought. She is a Woman of Power and one that sets free all mankind to be as One.

We have many forces acting upon our subconscious. As we awaken, we begin to see those forces, whether good or evil, before us. We are speaking to a spiritual arena, and we are also addressing the secular. Both act upon each other and have influenced each other as long as time has recorded. The hostility set into play is between the secular and the Bride. This is the secret power of lawlessness, the two pitted against each other, in order that it might do away with lawlessness all together. Lawlessness is those who do not keep the One Law that forbids all others. In not keeping the One Law, they practice the many. Whether this dispensation or the last, the Beast is the I AM. And He caused all, whether Adam that brought death and corruption of spirit to all, or Christ who came after the same pattern, caused all to have life. Even those never subject to marrying are still subject to nature. All bear nature, and all will bear the mark of the Beast –the I AM. The mark is the puncture, the crucifying of Self –the nature to judge Self and walk in fear that produces religion. First we judge our Self, then we hate our brother. Out of this is murder.

The solution is to be set free from self judgement and religion. So many have been lead by a corrupt nature and even under Christ have lead so many astray, instilling a belief that we are once again establishing law or cultures of thought that set a hostility in the heart and between the Spirit of Love and mankind. They are following the pattern of the first order, rather than setting free. Salvation is not about setting into a new system of religious hostility. It is about being set free from it. The one whom He sets free is free indeed. Praise be to the Son of God, and God the Father for refusing to let us be and never be set free from the bondage of decay, but out of love created a way for us to evolve into the fullness of time when immortality can once again be born here and our rightful place be inherited amongst the Night Sky.

“And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.”

Revelation 12

When the Morning Star fell from above to earth because of the great war in Heaven, it was a war within the Great I AM. A third of the Heavens fell with Him. Now we are awaiting a time for the Morning Star to dawn upon our hearts. We who have been clothed with Him are in Him, and He is in us just as He is in the Father, just as the Bride is taken from His side.

It is an evolution of Self.

We are returning to a time of greatness and a time when we will be reunited with those 2/3rds of Heaven that did not fall to earth.


We may not see it, but we are surrounded by a great unseen war. I am cautious to tell all I have seen. Our inheritance is greater than all of the Universe. There are many who want our new age to begin, and there are many who are actively working through those who are corrupt in spirit here to prevent it from happening. It is a grand Universe teeming with life. It really is Star Wars out there.

Mankind has been asleep.

We are fighting unseen forces upon our subconscious and fighting against principalities and powers not only in spiritual places, but in secular as well.

Our weapons are DIVINELY POWERFUL. They are divinely powerful to the tearing down of strongholds. The truth sets free.

There must be full disclosure that will set us free from fear that produces the fruits of religion and war. This will also set us free from the crafty that see the opportunity for mind control in pride and embark on campaigns to pit peoples against each other. These people hate God yet love religion so they can use it to profit from death and war. We must awaken to truth that we might be set free from the influences that are against us.

The truth is our most powerful weapon in not only religious circles, but in the secular arena. The people have a right to know. We have a right to know the treason of this government. We have a right to alter or abolish any form of government that has become destructive. And we have the right to destroy law and ordinances that are hostile towards us that we might rise in love. Keep beautiful traditions, but do so as a celebration of love, not a requirement in law. One mindset is of light, one is of darkness.

Regarding our United States government, we must act and we must remove those who are traitors to the nation and enemies of freedom.

We are embarking on a revolutionary time. We are entering an interplanetary marketplace. We must act. We must be prepared. The religious and the secular have been influencing each other for as long as recorded history. We cannot let one infiltrate the other, and as we evolve into the freedom that allows all to be, we will see that in this freedom we all become one.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29

We are entering a time of fulfillment of a prosperity for all prophecy. The old order will pass away. All things will be new. We must fight for freedom and the enemy is control by the corrupt for ill gotten gain. These corrupt in spirit govern the spiritual collectives, and they govern the secular.

We must fight for freedom. We must. A system of “class” that sets a few above and the rest below must end. Let there be endless return for the creative. This is not about taking from anyone. It is about ending it. We have a right to pay taxes and create community, not be subject to tax slavery that robs all. It is time to create local self sustaining fountains of prosperity.