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Somehow I made it through today at what I would say is about 3%. I did not get any sleep last night. If I could judge my pain level, I would say it was a 9 on a scale of 1-10. Somehow God is giving me the strength to choke it down. I want so dearly for God to simply heal me and transition me to a new season in life. I want healing on so many levels.

I decided to get this on my lunch break. It caught my eye. Maybe it will be helpful. That said, I sure hope some Hollywood deep state moguls don’t try to poison this brand in hopes to either take me out or torture my heart by harming tons of people. Stock up now before the next lot. It seems like a quality product and after taking it at lunch I did feel a bit of relief in my eyes.

Oh I see you snarling your nose at me. I couldn’t care less. I am right. You are wrong. Nobody is entitled to harm others. You are a menace and a sociopathic psychopath. You are 100% wrong and no matter how spethial you think you are because you made some movies, you do not have the right to be a psychopath harming and murdering people.

Anyhoo, back to my post.

I want to talk to you about what happened last night.

I have mentioned before how I can see demons. I have told you before about times I received a demonic communication in a dream –a message, a threat. Well, last night took the prize for most extreme message ever. I cannot go into all that I saw. I cannot. I was shown many things. I was even shown someone who this demon had hold of and he dipped him in something indescribable. If you could have liquid fire, kind of like lava, and it also be like acid, like fire acid, it was like that. The person did not die. They just suffered and it did not end. It was gruesome. It was excruciating. It was painful to watch. It was horrific.

Then I saw it in a different view and it spoke in such a way that was terrifying. It was a voice that I cannot describe to you and it was the sound of a language and a terrifying sound. I did not recognize the language but I did not have to to understand the threat.

Based on all that I saw, it was clear to me that I have received a severe warning to not tread on a certain territory that is very demon infested. I have suffered immensely today in pain and with the most horrific headache from this vision. I wish I could tell you everything in it, but I feel I am to hold back.

I need you to pray for this pain to go away.

After the visions were over. All I could do is say, “well, Jesus is bigger.”

I imagine if a demon goes to that much trouble to put on such a show, and to make that big of a squawk, then he sees me as a threat. If he sees me as a threat, then who is bigger? Seriously, these things are keeping mankind asleep so we don’t evolve causing them to lose their realm. They are described as those who not only believe in the Son of God, but tremble at His name. He must be pretty scared to put on such a spectacle.

Guess who belongs to Jesus? All I can think about is how it is written to “put on Christ”. Does he know what I am wearing? It is time to clean this house. It is time to be fearless. And you know what? If there is someone that I want to heal, or deliver from false beliefs that leave them vulnerable to demonic oppression and a veiled subconscious, then I intend to do so.

We all have a tender self inside. I know I feel all the pain I do, so I can feel for others. Our own pain turns us into healers. Still, I need you to pray that I may fully be healed and enter in to a destiny of healing.

All things are governed. This demon must subject his self to me.

For some reason when something bucks against me it has the opposite effect. I don’t take threats. I remove them.