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I feel very focused these days on our evolution. We are subject to very powerful external forces that act upon the subconscious. I find that when I observe others, they are having their reality and unaware of so many things. People just live life. They live their programming. We are safe to let go of programming. I understand more than most how it is to be under the influence of it. Nevertheless, many who have never been subject to programming or captivity are still living a dream because we are subject to this construct.

To meet a person is small talk. To meet a soul is something else.

I see you, Planet Unknown. I even see a future moment where you lean in from your seat as you are reading this and realize I am addressing you. I see that right as I type.

I am curious what you desire for me to say. I am curious why I saw the vision of your planet and with a giant pencil and paintbrush. Is it that you would like for me to bring the prophetic art to your planet? I have already told you that I am willing to visit. Why have you not yet come? I am wondering if I saw the tree fall in the forest as a message from you that it would truly bring down a tree of thought. Wouldn’t though? Everyone would be forced to face their programming like a rude awakening from the most deep sleep.

Please come.

You would not have invited me if you did not already know that I am safe. I saw the word that you typed for me. And am in agreement to that transition.

Tell me something.