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I have been given full permission to operate in Black Magic, as given Dominion over the realm. I am seeing many things. I see many dark things. Last night I was shown a demon who must be put in check. I am also seeing many beautiful things and receiving many messages from the Higher Angelic Realm.

Those of other planets pointed to me and spelled out Sabrina in the night sky. I was given another clue on how to dissect this planet I am seeing that has the black seamless metal looking curved structure around it.

I am seeing so many of you here. There must be one ring to rule them all. And there will only be one to receive the stone. I look forward to receiving it.

And Kiernan, I have been watching you for some time. I see you going back and forth like you are taking notes and jotting things down trying to figure it all out.

Source is Key.

You know, whenever there is an intent that is being drawn up through dark arts towards me, I always see it.

We either operate in the Light, or we operate in the dark.

At this very moment the entire Universe and the different dimensions, or the realms, are all focused on what is happening here, right here on planet earth.

Many on other planets are too taking note of what I am saying.