Because it’s so cute it’s going to knock your socks off. Check out the website underneath the photo above that the picture is from. I have had this baby Staghorn Fern for a few weeks now and you are not supposed to keep them in a pot.  “They are a species called Epiphyte which means that they don’t need soil to grow.” They are like airplants. They like to grown on trees. They don’t pull their nutrients through their roots, but through their fronds. So neat! They look like plant antlers. Here is a picture of my baby staghorn fern still in the pot.

I’ve been trying to think of what to mount it on. There are some really neat ideas online. Then at Hobby Lobby I found this little “for decorative use only” chopping board that is about 4 inches tall and wide.

I put some upholstery tacks in to use to wrap the wire around.

You are supposed to remove about two thirds of the dirt and place the root ball on some moss, then put moss all around the root ball. Some people have used fishing line, or jute to crisscross over it and around the nails to hold it in place. I used floral wire and it is pretty much invisible.

Look how adorable it turned out.

It is so adorable I can’t hardly handle it. I am so curious and excited to see how big its antler like fronds will get. It looks so darn cute hanging on the wall.

It’s adorable! I had so much fun doing this.

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Staghorn Ferns have got to be one of the cutest things ever. I can’t believe it is 1 am. I just took some Nyquil and melatonin to try and get me to sleep. I just want to mount staghorn ferns all night!