Nobody came here to be the standard of beauty for all mankind. This notion that we all must undergo the “industry scrutiny” and be measured up is absurd. Do you know much about the appreciation of art? When one goes and observes the brush strokes on a canvas, or the curves of a sculpture, you can appreciate the mind that created it. And no matter how that gallery views it as a center attraction, and no matter how much you can appreciate the art, it may not be something you’d ever want in your living room. And aren’t we so much more complex than a inanimate object? We certainly are. Who cares if everyone does not like what they see. Fall in love with who you entirely are because there will be someone who says, I have to have that.

You are safe to not fit into a cookie cutter mentality. You are safe to be entirely you without fear that every single person might not like it. Who cares. You were never meant to be what everyone wants. And those who go around saying things like, “oh, there hair is too this or that, and they need to do a little work on this or that, their this is too _________, their clothes……” –they really need to get a life and a deeper grasp on what it means to “be’. Try not to let it get to you, this ridiculous barrage of opinion by those who cannot live on a deeper level.

Be entirely you.

Don’t let anyone force you into doing something you do not what to do.

The more we can release fear and learn to love ourselves, we find our true self expression.

You are not what happened to you. It is not your fault. Neither does it define you.

When we learn to let go of fear, we find ourselves standing in a place of love. This is a place without self judgement.

“Do not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil” –or put plainly do not partake of self judgement and produce the fruits of fear. Out of this is the fruits of religion and every unhealthy manifestation that happens with or without religion. Religion only makes the trespass increase.

I am telling you there is great freedom that is without condemnation and you are entirely loved. You are welcome to come and stand on that hallowed ground in the presence of love fully accepted for who you are. But I am also telling you that we are what we eat, and we manifest what we are. I am also telling you that if you stand there seeking to know the Spirit of Love, you will be pruned. Yes, without condemnation, there is still “healthy”. We are expressions of the “I AM”. There may be a thing, an act, that is without condemnation, but it may or may not be coming from a healthy place. Yes, even those who are in traditional relationships manifest from unhealthy places. If you are manifesting from a wounded place, there is no amount of campaigning for acceptance that will make you accept yourself. You are already bound in a self judgement. So what you do is an unhealthy manifestation.

I will not tell you it is evil. But get this –neither will I tell you it is good.

Let each person work out their own salvation. It is a thing between Self and God. We cannot allow religious law or opinion, and neither can we allow secular law, to micromanage people. We are entering an age of ultimate freedom to be.

Those of us pressing into a deep intimacy with the Holy Spirit of Love will be pruned. It is not for me to say what will stay and what will remain on you. That is between you and God. God wants to heal. Is it possible that when we are healed that we will manifest a different expression? Of course it is. Is it possible that once healed that there will be things that are still a freedom to exercise in a healthy manifestation? Of course.

But understand this. He has revealed to me that many are manifesting a sexual expression for no other reason than from a self judgement that came from a wounded place. This happens in all types of expressions of “orientation”. Whether straight, gay, this or that, we are either manifesting from a healthy place free of judgement, or a place that is wounded or of fear.

You are not what happened to you. It does not define you. You are safe to look at self and ask the Holy Spirit of Love to heal and reveal to you who you really are in your healed state that you may express your self from a healed state — whatever that may be. It is not for me to say.

I cannot say that it is evil. But neither can I say that it is good. I can only allow you to be. I can only introduce you to this Spirit of Love and allow you to begin a Spirit walk through your own garden within your heart. It is there that you put hand to plow with Him and begin to uproot what does not belong in you and causing you pain and unhealthy cycles. It is there that you partner with Him to plant things that will produce beauty in your life.

Some of us are more wounded than others. There are plenty “straight” people who are manifesting from a wounded place with “straight behavior”.

What is our highest expression?

I cannot say that what you are doing is evil, but neither can I say that it is good. What I will say is that it MUST always be consensual, and it must never be abusive against the innocent. Children must be protected and allowed to grow into who they decide to be without having something forced on them that they might never have chosen for their self.

God loves all. But not everything is our highest expression. It is for you to decide what kind of fruit to bear.

I want more than anything to reach those suffering in their hearts because adults hurt them as children. It is not your fault that someone could not govern their self and allow you to be. Let children be. Freedom never implies the freedom to abuse. Pedophilia and rape is wrong. It must be consensual and it must be adults. Abuse is never blessed by God.

You are safe to look at Self. You are safe to have a human experience. You are safe to say, this happened and it does not define me. You are safe to be full of joy.

We struggle with “identity”. We are looking to find “who we are”. Who am I? “I AM”. It is written that in Christ they are neither male nor female. Does this mean that we are to erase gender? No. And redefining all the words, changing all the definitions, will not erase pain or a self judgement that you might have within. What this means is that in Christ there is an equality that was not revealed in times past. In Christ our identity has nothing to do with being male or female. We are an expression of God –whether male or female.

What is your expression? In Christ we find that our expression is Love. We find that our identity is that of a Royal Kingdom, and no not like those social constructs we find here. When we step onto Holy Ground, we remove our shoes. We cannot take things on us there that were of the past. When we stand there without fear, we touch Love. We are standing in a judgement free place in the presence of God who is pure light. We are safe. No, we do not need to earn the right to stand there. We turn the dial on our heart to tune into this place of love. We find that we are being healed there.

Perhaps you are like me and wounds have manifested into a PTSD and you find one day you are pressing into love, and another you are being provoked back into the hurt. Each day is new. I do not know how long my journey will take. But I do know that I am no longer crying for hours at a time, and I am no longer sleeping entire days away. I woke up this morning again happy to wake up and before noon. You are safe to forgive yourself for a bad day and not give up.

Listen, if you have a problem with rape, or with adultery, or with pedophilia, you need to seek help that you might begin a life of accountability. The truth is that you are manifesting from a wounded place or a place of fear. The greater the self judgement, the greater the lack of love within. The greater the lack of love within, the more the soul craves and will seek things in an unhealthy way. The more you partake, the more you judge self, and the more you crave. It is a cycle that snowballs out of control. You have a man who commits an act of rape, then buries a self judgement. This is a seed planted in the heart that produces more self hatred, fear, judgement, and because the Self cannot love its Self, then it craves more and repeats the cycle over and over. A lack of self forgiveness increases the cravings. Then you find that people will try to “erase” the judgement surrounding the act to try and find a self acceptance for the behavior that is unacceptable. Campaigning to change culture and create an acceptance for bad behavior as a “right” or “preference” can never be tolerated. Abuse is not a right. Abuse is not a preference. It is bad behavior that not only harms the other person, but self. There are some that are so bound with fear that they cannot look at self or accept that they have done what they have, so the only other option is to try and convince self and others that it is okay, rather than swallowing pride and acknowledging the bad behavior.

You are safe to be you, but so is everyone else. Even in great freedom that allows all to be and to be without condemnation, there are boundaries that protect all in that freedom. It must be consensual, and it must be adults. Rape is wrong and bad behavior manifesting from a place of self hatred and fear — a lack of self love. Pedophilia is wrong and bad behavior manifesting from a place of self hatred and fear –a lack of self love. Many times these things happen in ones life because they happened to them. It is a pattern and stronghold passed down from one to another. You are safe to break the cycle, even if you have already committed the act. You are safe to seek help and learn to heal the wound and uproot what was sown into you by someone else who was manifesting from a wounded place and a mind that is depraved of love.

We are safe to heal wounded places and press into the Light that we might truly see who we are and not through lenses dimmed with fear. It is not your fault that someone else harmed you. You did not deserve it. It does not take away from you. You are safe to have a human experience. You are safe to say, that should not have happened to me, but it is not going to stop me. You are safe to say, I should not have done that and I am sorry. I am going to do better. When we begin to do this, we can start Spirit work to find out exactly why we did what we did.

The goal is not self judgement. The goal is to overcome it. We are either manifesting from love, or we are manifesting from fear. Love and fear cannot be in the same room.

Break the cycle. Break the pattern. You, yes you, are safe to be healed and to be your greatest expression.

You know there are moments I am overcome with the desire to live a life of solitude and I can look back and know it was manifested from fear and the need to feel safe. But there are also times I desire it so deeply because I sincerely want a life of prayer and thought. There are things that are truly without judgement, but where they are coming from is paramount. It is either a fear based reaction, or a real love motivation.

We are what we eat and we manifest what we are. So, I’ve asked God to show me how to prepare myself a table before my enemies. Because not only does He want me to consume nothing but love, He also wants me to invite them to dine.

The goal in Spirit work is not to condemn Self. It is to uproot all condemnation that is from self judgement, that the Self can be utterly free to have its being in love.

“Life when it has not taken shape is conscious, when takes birth is self conscious and once it sees the truth is super-conscious! And it is Jupiter and its grace that can direct as well as speed up the souls journey into merging with the super consciousness.”

We are being set free from “Self”. In this truth that we are truly free to be, we find the super-conscious.

The erasure of gender is actually the worst kind of conformity there is and limits all from a self expression in freedom. We must understand that trying to “re-define” terms for everyone is not freedom to be. You be you. I will be me. We are all safe to be and the more we accept our self, the more we will find that this cultural warfare will end, but culture will also evolve. It is really a reality generated by those who cannot accept their self, so they must redefine it all to try and find relief from the self judgement within.

Now, back to the Standard of Beauty. There truly is no standard of beauty and yet each person is their own standard of beauty. Do not believe the “industry hype”. They put out this cookie cutter idea that seems to evolve into another cookie cutter idea…..First skinny, then no, it’s all about curves. Let me tell you something –All women are real. Whether skinny, curvy, tall, short…..

Just remember, the “industry” may keep telling everyone this, this, this, this, over and over…….

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But there is someone out there that walks right past it and then sees this and says, I’ve got to have that and take it home forever:::

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We are all learning to love our self. When we do, we may find that someone else has been waiting for exactly what you are to bring love and snuggles to their life.

Let’s be set free from all the bad thinking and how it instills judgement and fear, keeping us from the ultimate freedom in self existence.

The goal is not self judgement or conformity in any of it’s fashions. The goal is “healthy” manifestation that is our highest expression –whatever that might be for you, let it be sought out in a fearless pursuit of the Holy Spirit of Love that is “set apart” for nothing else but love. That is where you will find your identity and that Love will sit upon your brow as a crown.

There is no standard of beauty, and yet you are it.