Namasté is a way to see and honor the reality of others.

What type of person are you? What is your character? How do you define integrity? Do you try to harm others? Perhaps you are a healer and want to help others.

I am very much wanting to find a place for me to be. Where do I go from here? I imagine I will continue to fight against all that holds this planet back and harms so many, keeping us from evolution. But I am daily struggling and I find there is no compassion. I need you to continue to pray for a solution, for healing, for a place for me to be.

I have a few decks of “thought” cards. I think one of my most favorites is the Power of Surrender Cards by Judith Orloff, M.D. They are quite wonderful. We can sit with a book and plow through it, but there is something special about taking one thought and centering on it. That is why I love cards like these. When we meditate on a thought it has a different act upon the mind. I am going to type out three of them.

“Surrender to Creativity”

Let your imagination soar. Stay open to all creative ideas about how to pursue a dream or solve a problem.

“Surrender to Inner Peace”

Cultivate inner peace on a daily basis. In quiet, meditative moments, focus on the stillness within and enjoy this inner refuge.

“Surrender to Success”

You are ready to experience abundance. Don’t look back at previous roadblocks or difficulties. Leap into an exciting new world of possibilities.

Where do I go from here? I have a very long list of things I’d like to do with Jesus. The other night I saw the night sky and there was a doorway there into deeper space. Where is He taking me now? But for here now in the physical, where should I be? Where is a good fit for me? What is the environment that would be conducive to healing? Where is the place free from harassment with compassionate and mature people?

I have a very severe psychiatric injury. I do not know where to begin to look. Today when feeling so very tense and attacked, it just hit me —I understand why so many Veterans are homeless.

How do you exist wounded in a cruel world. How do you achieve success? How do you function with so many barriers? I don’t think the average person understands how that feels to have full body shock and things bring that physiological change back, to be in a constant fight or flight feeling.

I am being honest with you. I need to find a place for me to be that is free of cruel people. I need to be with compassionate mature people. I am fighting many battles. I cannot add more to the pile and I cannot bear up under the stress of someone who will not stop trying to get at me. I just can’t do it. I am very wounded.

You know, I have been very curious recently about Jupiter. What is calling my attention there? I don’t think you all are ready to know everything I see. The other day I searched up the Jupiter symbol and found this website:

https://   www. gemstoneuniverse. com /blog/natural-fine-planetary-talismans/meditating-on-the-sacred-symbol-of-the-guru/

I found this statement:

“Life when it has not taken shape is conscious, when takes birth is self conscious and once it sees the truth is super-conscious! And it is Jupiter and its grace that can direct as well as speed up the souls journey into merging with the super consciousness.”

This is my prayer, Where do I go from here? I need you to pray for me that I will find a peaceful place to be.