When I’m not immersed in visions, or feeling threats, or overwhelming energies, I have these little moments that feel like a breather. Most of the time I am so intense and wound up tighter than a drum, in a constant fight or flight tension. It feels so wonderful to have moments of nothing but this very moment and peace. I don’t have too many of those. After having to move in here and not having any room inside to put all my plants, I lost a lot to the frost. This one was one of my favorites. I thought it was completely lost. There was nothing but dirt, so I thought. Then this weekend I noticed these sprouts coming up. I brought it inside. This is similar to the starters I just got at the plant yard sale I recently posted about. I stopped that day hoping to find this particular one, but they did not have any. They are nearly the same, but the other one I just got looks very waxy. This one is lighter and has both solid and variegated leaves. Unlike the other one, the leaves are not waxy looking but look like satin. They are so pretty. Of course, it’s hard to tell in this picture. You mostly see the new solid green leaves, but there are some of the striped variegated ones coming in as well. I am so happy it is coming back and from nothing but buried roots. I put some crystals in there to see if they would help it grow. 🙂 It seems like it would be encouraging energy.

For my next upcoming plant venture, I am going to attempt to mount a baby staghorn fern. So very excited about that.

When everything subsides I find great enjoyment in plants.