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Nearly every night when I first lie down I start to see pyramids coming down from the sky to the ground, or triangular shapes in the night sky. Last night I saw a beautiful one that was very elongated, clear like clear glass, but this one was different. Starting at the top there formed a circle spinning and it went down the entire structure, then back up to the top. It was like a stream of light. This repeated several times.

Again I also saw a type of construct and what the alien demonic and those they inhabit are trying to build around me. This was a different place than I have seen. I am being made aware more and more of the attempts to distract me on my way to complete evolution of thought.

Then I saw myself as Venus the Goddess of Love standing within a seashell. Just after that I was shown myself getting married to a man I fell in love with. When I awoke I told God to help me not to fall in love with the future, but let it be, whether it comes or goes. I asked Him to help me not ever allow my heart to fall in love with what could be a future timeline again, but to see it and be open to it if it does indeed come to fruition. I asked Him to call His attention to all the things I want to do with HIM now. Yes, just me and God. He said “write them down”, these things I want to do. They have no bearing on anyone else or any timeline that may or may not be. I want to evolve into being able to see future events, but also live in the now.

I am very curious about this man and who he really is. I am very curious about the person who nudges my heart to love again. Nevertheless, me becoming me has no dependency upon anyone else. So, I am going to spend today writing down the things I so deeply want to do with God and feeling the excitement for the now.

Our weapons are divinely powerful. It is only by the evolution of thought that we will evolve into new creatures that are clothed with immortality. No matter who we marry in this realm physically, it is the marrying of the mind to the Word that was in the beginning that will birth God in the Flesh, the two becoming One. When the Spirit and the Flesh become One, it will be the absolute end of this first order of religion. Not only will the veil be torn in two as it is now, but it will be a God entering in to this realm. The Kingdom is within, and this entrance will come from there.