Please take a moment to check out this article that attempts to explain something that can be so very different for so very many different people:

I am wondering, after this extremely difficult day, how to explain the combination of my 7 years of daily sensory assault, that is 2555 days of sensory assault, coupled with two thousand five hundred fifty five days of PTSD.

What does the sensory assault that comes with Autism look like when also combined with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? What do you think it looks like for an autistic person perceiving the most extraordinary things and being mentally and emotionally abused for 7 years?

How do you think it feels?

How do you think it feels to ask for mercy and help and every time you do others see it as an opportunity to further harm you and turn up the dial on harassment and abuse?

How do you think that feels?

I am wondering if I ever get a chance to ask a therapist what they would say if I asked them, how sick do you have to be to get off on doing this to me?

So, you can possibly understand how deeply grateful I feel when I have such a day and God tells me that “justice is due and it is coming” and also “there will be no mercy for those who refused to show any”.

You have no idea how tired I am. You have no idea how that is no excuse to not act ethically and humanely.