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I stayed in bed today for most of the day, nearly all day in bed with a migraine. I spoke many prayers. You know how deeply I feel things. I understand it is part of my destiny, but I also know there is a way for me to be that is healed. I don’t believe you can heal in the same environment that made you sick, so I have to wonder how I can escape to a place that is apart from my being. No matter where I go, there I will be. Seeing the dark things of this world has been so difficult to manage. I know I see a great many things and there are different reasons why. One is because powerful messages released from Heaven always are accompanied by acts that call attention to the message. Another is for my protection. This has been a truth for a very long time in this first order, that those who attempt to break out into supernatural power will be met with great opposing forces. God has said that I am not meant to be thrown to the lions. I have a right to defend myself and that includes seeing danger approaching. I have a right to be, and I have been given the promise of protection. I have also been given the right to destroy this first order. So, not only am I fighting an unseen war in the spiritual arena, I am also fighting one that is in a way unseen here in the physical. I have asked for a way to honor my spirit when it needs to rest. I want the physical manifestations of strife to end.

I have also been praying for a while now, “Jesus, build my house.” This day I saw a vision of a big puffy cloud in the blue sky. There within it was the outline of a structure. It was like the framework of a house being built. It was such a special thing to see. The house I want to live in is the Word that was in the beginning. It is the place where He dwells.

I also was in a dream place throughout most of my sleep. It was a construct by lesser thoughts and there were demons there and there were also believers. There was a group that so deeply want to take me in. I do not know them. They are not people from past collectives. I engaged with these people and this was a very strange dream. I was mingling and then the place of existence had an extension and I went in. There was a leader, and this leader was demonic. This is very hard to accept for most people, but as beautiful as many collectives can be on the surface and how they are with good intent to create community, they still are in fear and walking in a spiritually mingled place of both light and darkness. Nevertheless, He washes and cleanses the Bride. Cleaning the house is without condemnation, and always must be followed with the filling of Holy Spirit lest its last state be worse than the first.

I was watching and observing these people and one had taken such a caring role over me. Then this person who was like the leader, almost like a business owner, was instructing people on what to do. She took great notice of me and attempted to speak to me. She was very focused on me and I perceived that I was brought in for the purpose of being talked to. Things in this dream began to stand out to me differently. This leader began to say things to me that were intended to be obscured messages. She was trying to warn me and instill fear into me. She even was in a way, threatening. The dream ended with her telling me that I was not allowed to do math. Right after that I heard God say, “it is a building on fire.”

This is difficult for us to accept, but the Church is a place on fire. It is where the gates of hell are. It is the place where people gather and attempt to press into an otherworldly realm that is guarded by angels with flaming sword. You will find both Heaven and Hell there. Even though Christ came to set us free, spiritual wickedness is still very present in heavenly places.

Understand something:

The demonic love to be in a house of believers. Understand this very important truth: if it is of fear, it is not of love. If it is of fear, it is of the doctrines of demons.

We must learn to break free that we might walk in true power.

What God is showing me with these dreams is how thoughts build our house. Remember, love and fear cannot be in the same room, for love will cast out fear. Then we are free. No, not free to govern self with fear and terror or live in a limited way with thoughts that have become like law unto the self.

I will do math. It is very clear the demonic are acting overtime to keep me distracted. I love worship and singing and I love the idea of community. I have no desire to live in a burning house governed by fear and so it must taste hell in order to be purified.

Whoever the Lord sets free is free indeed.

I will learn of this math He wants to teach me and I will also learn of His magic.

Dominion is an inheritance.

The greatest tool of the demonic realm to keep mankind asleep and in fear of power is to distract and govern with fear. Our greatest weapon is truth.