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Last night I saw a vision of the night sky. It appeared before me and was the darkest blue but instead of our usual stars and constellations, it was full of symbols and shapes that we normally don’t see. I tried to hold it in my vision for as long as I could. It was incredible.

Then a bit later I saw another vision and it was of a woman from another place. Another realm? The Higher realm? Or from another planet? She was fair skinned and her skin was very healthy and almost gelatinous looking. She in many ways looked like us with the same type of features. Her head was very round though and she had no hair. Not elongated, but round and she had wide eyes, but they were like ours with whites and an iris and pupil. She was in a place that did not seem like a home. It seemed like a very large open office space. It was very minimalistic. It was gray and white shades and she sat at a long table/desk. There was a glass wall and glass door behind her. It seemed like there were other rooms. She had on clothes that too were white and gray, almost uniform like. She was looking at a computer –thin like a laptop and reading. Then she laughed and shook her head. I know she was reading my posts last night. Then after a laugh she started typing. I saw that right before I got up for the day. I am wondering if she knew that I was allowed to see her looking at me online? I am sure she will now. I am wondering what she is typing. I cannot wait to see all the ones I’ve saw. I can’t wait to meet them and see them in person.