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This is a satellite, correct? For communications? The other day I saw myself and they drew one around me, like they are saying that I am like a satellite. Last night after posting, I saw the woman’s reaction to my post, so I know that she did not know I could see her. Then it was like she zoomed right over to the point in the room where I was standing and was trying to look at me.

This morning I woke to seeing the night sky and then there was a very large saucer like craft and as it hovered over the earth it dropped a fishing line down into our atmosphere. Yes, just like someone going fishing.

Then after seeing this, I said, Yes I want to go.

Then I saw another vision and it was of me outside and someone in something like an all black space suit came up behind me. It was not a space suit like we have. It looked like military grade and quite serious. This person grabbed me from behind and stabbed my leg with an injection.

I said, I understand you all have to protect yourselves from us, that so many here are unsafe. I said, I won’t go without my kids.

They said, you’ll be back before dinner.

I then saw myself in outer space. I believe in this craft and it was like I was in this small circle platform that had a window and a curtain on it like a netting. It was like a round curtain gathered at the top, like one on a bed. It was opened to the window and I was looking out.

Then it was like I was looking at a forest. I watched a tree come down.