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I was in a dream place last night, through the morning. I woke up feeling like I lived an experience, not that I dreamed a dream. Dan, I was in this place and there were people, some I recognized others I did not. There were some that as the story line went by I recognized them by the character they played. There was buildings that were dilapidated. I was out in the center square of what seemed like the middle of a town. There were people going about. I noticed a wedding that was trying to happen, though every one was in plain clothes, including the bride and groom. It was an old Catholic looking building they were going in and out of. I went in and watched. Then I was outside again and everything felt in disarray. It almost felt like a city under attack. There was something inside of me that said “don’t do it”, as I was looking at the woman getting ready to marry this man. I perceived him as evil. He was horrible and I felt like anyone could see that. I felt like anyone could see how mean and horrible this man was. Again, I heard myself internally say “he is horrible, don’t do it.” Then I saw them come out of this crumbling building and get in a car to drive off just like people do after a wedding. As I went on, I felt like this was representing a construct that we are in here. That this man represented mankind and the story of old, the woman a different kind of mankind –a collective to that is rather to be joined to the Spirit.

Dan, then it was horrible. Gigantic machines started falling from the sky. They were in the form of huge machine people landing on their feet. Yes, just like a transformer. I started to run and so did others. I knew they were after me, Dan. They did not care about anyone else. They were after me. People were trying to fight them. Some people were even trying to hide me. I went into a different building and was in a room that was a bedroom and attempted to hide under the bed. It was terrifying. They tore the roof off and flipped the bed over. I looked up from hiding my face and saw them in the blue sky background. They reached down and picked me up and began to fly away with me. Dan, I felt like I was absorbed into this machine person. I was looking out to where we were going. At this time I did not feel scared anymore. I heard internally someone say, but it was like it was said as an internal thought of my own, though it was not me, “It’s okay now. They are all now kept on this island and everyone else is safe now. He is in charge of them now.” This voice was feminine and very comforting. I perceived this voice to be talking about Red. And I knew that the piece of land we were coming upon was the place she was talking about.

What was this place, Dan? The sun was beautiful and looking like it was just rising. The land was so green and it looked like a vast green flat land. It looked uninhabited. There were no buildings and there were no people. I did not even see any animals. It felt warm and green and peaceful and beautiful. We, or I, was flying over to it, and just then as my focus was so fixed towards the rising sun on the beautiful green land, it shifted towards my lower left. There was huge bulky machinery that was all a brown color. Not that it was painted, but that the metal was brown. No, not that it was rusty, but simply brown and industrial looking. It was nothing refined or fancy, but sound and strong. At the same time that I was thinking, “what is this?”, I also perceived the voice and that this is where they were all being kept now so that everyone else will be safe. It was a huge, bulky, machine that was cross between a train and a roller coaster. As I was slowing down to come to a landing on my feet, I was looking at it and a large section of it was like a tight corkscrew. I watched it go at a fast speed through it and then off on the straight rail. I landed with my machine feet in a muddy spot near the side of the machinery track. I started digging into the machinery, and though I did not know why, I knew that I knew why.

I saw more giant machine people coming in from the distance. I knew I had to hurry. There was one that was really close. I found what I was looking for and hid it very quickly, burying it in the wet mud and then placing my large machine foot over it. As many were flying and coming from off in the distance to either get me, stop me, or see what I was doing, the one that was close approached me.

I perceived who they were on the inside. A grief welled up within me. Dan, I could feel it physically. It was a grief and a mourning. I was weeping inside this machine and felt paralyzed in my sleep. I reached out and touched this machine with my machine hands. I was softly touching this other machine, as another machine. My hand was on its waist and the other one was touching it, the arm, face. In these quick moments I felt overwhelming grief. The other machine was trying to pull away and confused at what I was doing, concerned with the machine and how I might have affected those on it. It pulled back and as it said, “What are you doing?” , the machinery part opened up and I could see the fleshly person on the inside. Though this was an entirely different person, I could perceive this person to also be Red. I said in a voice, but it was also not me, “I hold her memories and she knows you.” It was talking about me, that it held me inside and I recognized Red in this other person.

I was still trying to hide under my foot what I came for. I don’t know what it is, but I knew I must have this thing. Just then all the others started landing where I was and not sure what was happening.

At that moment I was pulled out of it and perceiving myself in this world. Then there before me was a vision. It was of some mud, and sticking out of it was this object I was trying to take from this otherworldly place, or a construct? It was sticking out of the mud and it was the same shape, like an oblong tube. Only now it was oblong and glass with a cork top. It was like a bottle with a message in it.

Dan, what is this message in this object? Where on earth could it be? Dan, are we machines somewhere else? What really does it mean that He put “Adam” or all of mankind to sleep? Are we asleep somewhere, Dan? And if I broke out of the dream and am trying to give myself a message here, where can I find it? I hid it in the mud somewhere, Dan? Where on earth could it be? What am I trying to tell myself? If I could hear the voice within tell me other things, why did I have to hide this particular message?

Dan, where are you?