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Dan, if you cannot find a way to move me yet, then find a way for me to have a quiet spot here. Enable me to simply have the ability to stay in a very quiet solitude if my heart is overwhelmed. Allow me days of recovery if needed. Allow me to remain in that kind of life until I can be moved. But one thing is for sure, I will not leave my kids. And I will not take my kids away from their Dad that loves them. If I am moved, they are all coming with me.

Nothing concerning my life will be done without first obtaining my consent. There must be connection. Whether I am to remain here, or be moved, there must be connection. This violation of my human rights and the most incredible inhumane behavior towards me must end.

Dan, there is much to take place. He has told me that this was just a small, very small sampling of what is to come. We are liberating a planet and readying mankind to take a rightful place amongst the Universe and crowned with immortality.

Dan, He told me, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

Freedom and the advancement of all is a prosperity for all prophecy. It is nothing that endangers anyone. The only ones that are in any kind of position to receive consequences are those who stand in the way of freedom and prosperity for all. The only ones who have a problem with this are those that are enemies of freedom and a threat to all mankind. It is the ones who believe they are entitled to harm others. They simply need to turn away from it. That is all. There will be no aggressive act or territorial spirit. It will all be to intercept and prevent horror, not cause it or overtake others. It is about ending an age of darkness. Those who cannot govern their self must be governed for the protection of all.