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Dan, I am very curious about the vision of the angelic army, the first vision showing them up leading around a mountain that was out in outer space. Why did I see the “gray” with the Omega symbol burned into his forehead? I have so many questions about what I am seeing. And then on top of it all, all day today I am seeing myself in another realm speaking things to a creature that is bizarre. He is writing each one down, then looks out and his whole face opens like a sea urchin with tentacles blasting out at him sounding off like a horn. This loud sound happens every time I speak and after he writes it down. It is like he is alerting a realm and sounding a command at what I say.

I understand there are many strange creatures in the heavenly realm. But what is this? And if the fish of the sea are symbolic of people and the nations, then aren’t the birds in the expanse of the Heavens these other worldly creatures –the ‘grays’?

I understand I am being given dominion. He still has yet to take me under wing for full apprenticeship. There is much that I must learn. They say, “you are Ray” and that they are here to help me.

Dan, there is much at stake. I got to stand so close to this angelic army in the second vision and look them in the eyes as they looked through their armor, the strap to their helmet just below their chins. They are looking to me and at my command. I am setting the Father free to receive back the Kingdom. Everything is going to change, Dan. This “dominion” that is being given to me is being herald throughout all the Universe.

I have been given the vision of dominion over the fish handed to me. I have been given the vision of dominion over the creeping things given to me. I believe the Omega burned into the “gray” is dominion over the birds of the expanse. The only thing I have yet to see is a vision concerning the beasts of the field.

Dan, it is very difficult for me to focus on this every day life when I’ve been called to see a spiritual place and fight a war. They told me you were coming to help me transition to the place where I can be in focus. Nobody really understands what I go through everyday. Dan, they cannot know it. Nobody can grasp it or relate to it in any way. Everyone relates to me according to their own experience. But I asked that you, being a platonic friend, and a hopeful mentor, be allowed to feel the weight of it all, the entire realms pressing down upon you, your soul sick with heaviness. I asked that, Dan, so you would know. I asked it to be, so that you would know how it feels to be me and would be able to have empathy on me and help me achieve the transition to full time solitude. There is much at stake, Dan. Have you been shown yet? Have you felt it yet?

We have been under a very deep sleep. We were meant to be immortals in the flesh and are arriving to the moment in time when time changes course. It is a destiny that will rule all. Yes, Dan, the entire Universe. Heaven is coming back to claim this planet and set upon mankind the great destiny that we were always meant to carry.

Dan, where are you? You are key to me transitioning into full focus. Dan, you have been chosen to help me.