The greatest mercy that God has given me is to take away my ability to conceive. And not only the ability to conceive but nothing to be harvested either. It is like so many have turned away from me and I feel released from those who do not know what love is. I feel release from a false path and from being used and abused. I was glad to see last night a certain knight in shining illusion that is rethinking his undying love for me.

Let all find their path to their highest expression. And learn what is true and what is false. In this way we will spare ourselves from abuse and from karmic relationships that didn’t need to happen. In this way we can also be set free from settling. We all deserve what is real and to live our highest expression.

What is right will always take a bit longer to find, but I truly believe it is worth the wait. Let us give ourselves the gift of evolving. When we do that we find those meant for the journey rather than another needless obstacle, setback, and wound.

I’d rather wait to find what God really has for me.

We all deserve to live and find our being.