Right when I opened the door this morning to where my shared office is I could not help but smile at these plants. Plants make me happy. I don’t do drugs, but I do plants and rocks. It may be strange to some, but it feels comforting to have plants around.

Plants feel magical to me. Nature feels magical. This birds nest fern is so beautiful and I’ve never seen one with curly leaves before. I love how ferns unfurl their new leaves.

And what is this! It looks like two little trees! But it’s a houseplant and unfortunately the label only said “foliage’. It’s always disappointing when the label does not tell what it actually is. So far this is the only one I’ve re-potted. I hope it lives. When I got it it already was looking unhappy and had many leaves turning on it. It’s adorable and I want it to live so badly.

And then look at this little one in the glass. It looks like a type of ‘gold dust’ croton. It is growing out by the old building behind me at work. I pinched a little piece and it rooted in water. This was super exciting. So, I pinched off a gigantic piece.

I sure hope this big piece roots in water as well. So pretty!

My pepperomia red margin is thriving and I am so happy about that. By my purse is a pilea baby, and another unknown “foliage”. Again, it is always so unfortunate and disappointing when plant merchants don’t feel the need to properly label them so buyers can know all the details, or at least look it up. I also have a small succulent in there and a tillandsia.

Some days I cannot fight the anger and the stress and the pain. I am left all alone to survive this ordeal. Plants are calming to me. I feel close to Heaven when around them. I am coping the best I can. I want to enter a time of healing and to be in a protective place where I can rest and not feel constantly under attack and alone. I want everyone to see with open eyes just who this government is and the fake store front that it is.

Last night I again was shown an angelic heavenly army. I fell asleep and though I did not wake up, I woke up in the vision and it was like a night sky, like I was standing out in it and they all lined up on my right as if I were to walk by. They were all looking at me and had their armor on and I felt like smiling at them. It was like they were lining a pathway. It reminding me of the vision of them making a pathway up the mountain. But this time they were so close and we were looking in each others eyes. I feel like He is telling me I am closer to my appointment. I can’t wait to go.

I want you to know that my depression is severe. It is a real thing. I don’t understand so many things. I want to go to a protected place. I don’t feel like that is too much to ask in exchange for intercepting terror. I have heard of people being put in witness protection programs. I don’t understand why I cannot go. I don’t understand why I at least cannot be enabled to remain at home and continue to release visions.

You say I am unprecedented? What is really unprecedented is the cruelty of this government. It is a fake store front. What they have done to me is horrific to say the least. They have sought to murder me and hold my life out in harms way, emotionally torment me by withholding connection while I face incredible danger –they are monsters. I want everyone to know the monsters they are and they are the terrorists. They have wanted me dead for 6 years and sought to abuse and torment me in any way they can for 6 years.

They are the terrorists.

Please continue to pray for me. All I want is to be in a hidden place that is conducive to healing where I can feel a sense of relief and safety.

Dan, please come just like the angelic messenger said you would.