There are things that are not going to change for me.

  • I will not celebrate with you, EVER. I will not celebrate what you’ve done to me and my kids.
  • I will NEVER accept any kind of “award” or medal for being abused and hunted. I will never allow you to EVER try and make it out to be something other than it was just to make you feel good rather than the fucking monsters that you are. Fuck you and fuck your medals. You might as well put it in the trash now.
  • I want to be left alone and transition into a quiet season of healing from the nightmare that YOU put me through.
  • I am not interested in any relationship. You’re a bunch of fucking clowns. I want to be left alone. Stay away from me. I would rather be alone than ever be around people who thought I was some kind of reality show and not worth anything unless I came into some money. Stay the fuck away from me.
  • There is nothing I want more than to see JUSTICE AND KARMA burn a fucking hole through your lives.
  • You WILL NOT take me away from my kids.
  • You WILL NOT do anything concerning my life without first obtaining my consent.

I want to be in a life of solitude where I can feel safe and protected, free from all the goddamn harassment where I can begin to process, decompress, and attain to some level of healing in hopes to find joy for a new destiny and different path.

Another truth? You fucking monsters belong in prison. 6 years is no fucking gaffe. You can never change what you’ve done to me.