For quite awhile now we have heard talk of how we need to remove the stigma from mental illness. A huge part of lifting the stigma is understanding that the injured, though they be injured, are not the “sick” ones. The ones who do the injuring are sick. There is a mental depravity that exists in those who harm others, whether that is bullying, harassing, abuse, or war. So much of the time we look at those who are overcome with sadness and stigmatize them as ill. It is those depraved and unfeeling souls that cause the sadness in the world that are suffering from mental illness.

It is incredible to me to consider the “observers”. It is incredible that many will observe the bullied being bullied and see them in their sadness, and then say “they’re sick, they need help”. Really? That is your takeaway? Rather than being outraged at the injustice and moved in your spirit to take a stand, you overlook the offense of the depraved and call the wounded sick. It is incredible to me.

There needs to be a shift in thinking. When you see one harming another, the reaction should be, “I won’t have any part in what you are doing.” The reaction should be, “stop”, “you’re behaving badly and you need to find out why you do this”. The reaction should be towards the one with the abusive behavior –“that person is sick, they are mentally unwell, we need to do something before they continue on harming others”.

Do you see the difference?

It really is mind blowing how so many watch the abuse, then look at the abused and call them ill.

It is mind blowing that this is the takeaway. It is mind blowing that so many will join in with the bully. The greatest friend you can be is the one who says to their friend behaving badly, “I love you but you are a total jerk and I am not going to join in with your bad behavior that is abusive. Call me when you are done being an ass but I won’t have any part in what you are doing.” Being a great friend is not being a “minion” and going along with the shit show.

It is the abusive and the bully that is most governed by fear, and the mentally ill being depraved in their mind.

Everyone, yes everyone, has a bad day and will need some grace from time to time. But there is a huge difference between having a bad moment and actively engaging in a campaign to bully and abuse another.

We are like trees. Our heart produces from what is sown in it. Our actions like fruit, our words are like seeds. We go around sowing by our mouths and giving to others what is within. It is true for me. It is true for you. When the day is done, when the storm is calmed, I can look at it all and say, yes that is definitely coming from a place of fear, or from a wounded place, or unresolved grief manifesting anger.

If we are keen to observe properly, we can see the bully who has to create constant drama and havoc, always putting others on a head trip, always looking for a target to gang up on, is manifesting from great fear and lack of self love. They must create the target before they might become one. In this way they can some how get a sense of power and create the spot light of ridicule on another so it will never land on them. Then of course you have so many others who are so terrified that they might become the target of the bully, they go along and join in rather than taking a stand for what is right.

We all have to decide what kind of character we want to develop within. But understand this truth, the bully, the narcissist, the asshole of the ages, the dick, the douchebag, whatever you want to call it, the passive aggressive, the down right aggressive, are governed by fear and a lack of self love. That is the root of it.

It is a pitiful state to be in. Unfortunately many of us have to manage these behaviors at work and in our families. Remember, Kindness never implies the tolerance of abuse. And many times the abuse is too much to manage, especially when we are fighting many battles. We have to find ways to protect our spirit. This may mean moving on and parting ways, yes even with family. They are mentally ill, those who cannot stop mind games and abuse and constantly want to get under everyone’s skin. There is a mental depravity in them, a lack of self love, so they must make others feel less to make them feel more because they are already lacking.

If we want to, we can all press into a journey of self realization to find out why we are doing the things we are. For greater offenses, there must be confinement for the protection of all. Those who cannot govern their self, must be governed. For lessor offenses, one may have to find another path away from the offender or the bully.

I have been in a constant sensory assault for years and am manifesting a psychiatric injury while continuing to be injured over and over again. I do not have it in me to “manage” bullies.

I need to find a place to protect my spirit. It is that serious.

You know, one of my daughters has told me about a girl at school that is always calling everyone a “looser”. There are some that don’t like being around her because they are afraid she is just going to call them a looser in front of everyone. Understand something, she is calling everyone a looser because she feels like one inside. You see, if she can make everyone else feel like a looser, then she won’t feel so bad about feeling like one herself. The bully is so governed by fear and a lack of self love that they HAVE to put others down and keep them there in order to not feel so badly about their self. This is on such a subconscious level that most of the time they simply cannot stop. They are mentally ill.

We speak of empaths. I am told I am an empath. I feel for others. I feel angry at injustice. I feel sick inside when seeing the war and destruction being done to innocent people. Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, that is, the capacity to place oneself in another’s position. Put yourself in another’s shoes. Walk a mile in their shoes.

It is a mental depravity to not be able to feel for others and have that shape your behavior. It is a state of fear and lack of self love. It is the self that lacks realization and love that cannot acknowledge the other being and feel for them. Remember, we first judge our self, and then we hate our brother. Out of this is murder. Love and fear cannot be in the same room, for love will cast out fear. Nevertheless, love is not without boundaries.

If we desire to, we can partner with the Spirit of Love, which is Christ, and begin “spirit work”. This is the pruning of our soul, the cultivation of the soil of our heart. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to do this and this is why we must have systems in place to protect all from those who cannot refrain from horrific behaviors that go beyond what we call a bully. Kindness never implies the tolerance of abuse. Whether religious, secular, or satanic, any group that believes they are entitled to harm is a threat to all mankind. They are a threat to the freedom to be and it can never be tolerated to take root in government. Those who seek to become servants in various governmental capacities MUST adhere to the same type of commitment as doctors with a Hippocratic Oath to serve all without bias. We can never tolerate any “secret society” or any group, whether religious, secular, or satanic, that believes they are entitled to harm to take root in our government. This is beyond just your average bully that can’t love their self. This is serious and this is a severe problem that we are facing today.

We must recognize the mental depravity that exists in the ones that believe they are entitled to harm. They must not be tolerated and must be dealt with. I don’t care how much money or status they have. Any who believe they are entitled to harm others is a threat to freedom and a threat to all mankind.

We cannot tolerate any politician who winks at serial mass murder and serves the interest of such depraved people for a buck. We must evolve out of party pride that wants to root for an illusion and ignore traitors. No one who places politics above national security or the safety of the people is fit for office. No one who looks the other way is fit for office. No one who delays justice against acts of war and further endangers the lives they are meant to protect is fit for office. No one who actively works to launder billions of dollars into the hands of foreign hostile powers, or looks the other way while it happens, is fit for office. They are fit for a jail cell.

The first year I started releasing visions and intercepting terror, God told me that I was suffering from PTSD. No one in this government cared one bit, but thought it was funny to not only subject me to it over and over for years, but wanted me dead because they are the terrorists. Don’t believe their false claims of caring while trying to get votes. It is a fake store front. On top of the repeated horror and continual sensory assault for years, intentionally leaving me exposed, willfully and intentionally withholding connection though I begged for it, they actively and purposefully made me believe they were coming only to not show. Why? They are mentally ill and thought it was funny to emotionally abuse me. Understand who they are. It is a fake store front and it is a terrorist criminal organization that wants our tax dollars, wants to drain the country dry of its wealth, and to subject you to disease, drugs, war, terror, engineered storms and fires –all for profit. On top of having continual sensory assault for repeated episodes that cause PTSD, they emotionally abused and tortured me, gaslighted me, sought ways to harass and mistreat me. Understand who they are. And understand who I have become. I am badly wounded and unwell. It is manifesting in me in many different ways. I want to believe that God will heal me even though I read that PTSD is not curable.

I am a civilian Mom of three who believed if I stepped out in faith, my most honorable American government would be there to protect me. Rather than that, I found that there was not even an honorable soldier. They have all thought it was a great thing to hunt a civilian Mom and her kids. The military is supposed to be there to protect us, to defend the country. They had their hand in this. We are not talking about something that happened last month. We are talking about more than 6 years. I many times told them that I could be more effective if placed in a safe place, a witness protection program. Many times I begged for just one person to talk to to help me navigate through this. For six years they thought it was funny to do this to me, and now harass me at my job.

Understand that they are the terrorists. There is plenty evidence to put MANY of the traitors behind bars. They fail to act on irrefutable evidence. They fail to even provide reasonable care. They willfully and recklessly endanger countless lives. We do not have a government. We have criminal organization with a fake store front. We do not have a military that protects us and defends the country. We have traitors who protect treason and foreign hostile powers and are willing to watch a civilian Mom be hunted and tortured for SIX YEARS, and do nothing while a storm boat creates hurricanes to devastate and murder.

6 years is no fucking gaffe.

Reparations are due. Consequences are warranted. There must be significant and tangible consequences for such malign behavior.

No, I do not have it in me to be bullied or harassed. I cannot even manage the PTSD symptoms from the ongoing terror I’ve been subjected to for years.

Trump should not be re-elected after failing to act just as Obama did. It is all one big Hollywood reality show. No one who works for the hidden shadow government that is a terrorist organization is fit for office. The fact that NO ONE in this government is outraged at what has been going on is further proof of the fake store front put on by a bunch of treasonous monsters. It is unreal. They are not outraged at the threat to national security or the safety of the people because they are the terrorists.

Whenever any form of government becomes destructive to YOUR life, to YOUR liberty, to YOUR pursuit of happiness –it is YOUR right to alter or abolish it. No, they are without legal right to ever abuse you in any way or ever withhold connection in the face of national security or terror. They are without legal right to ever do to anyone what they have done to me.

This is why God gives me visions that the CIA needs to be destroyed. They are fucking terrorists and traitors, along with the whole Washington DC shit show.

I need my praying friends to pray for me. I need to find a life where I can feel safe and heal the best I can. They know that I have no one to talk to. No, I cannot just go to any psychiatrist and talk about this. Not only would they not believe me, the first thing so called health professionals want to do when you say you see visions and hear things is put you on meds or lock you up.

I am not crazy.

I am supernatural.

Every single time I release a vision of impending danger, they all jump. No, I am not crazy. I am having a human experience that you cannot relate to. I need someone to talk to about my experience and learn how to manage the pain I feel. They know I have no way of reaching out, and they do not care. They are fucking monsters. We are not talking about last month. We are talking about more than 6 years of intentionally withholding connection for the sole purpose of psychological and mental, and emotional torture and abuse.

It is a fake store front for a criminal organization of terrorists and very sick psychopathic serial killers.

In the end of times God will pour out His Spirit and they will dream dreams and they will see visions.

Acts 2

You have no idea what I’ve been through and how severely I’ve suffered in my spirit.