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As I’ve said before, I will always have a soft spot for Sergey. I know you feel, in many ways, responsible for what has happened to me. Perhaps that is true to some degree. Sergey, I want you to know, I want everyone to know that I have asked for the right to watch over you and keep you protected. There is this place in the spirit. I don’t know where it is, but I have been given the right to stand there in this place that all the realms can see. It is a way I communicate to some of them. With my mind I write on a sheet of paper and hammer it into a pole, like a tree or telephone pole. There are so many piled on top of each other nailed to this pole. Whenever I retreat inward with the intent to focus on this place, I see it. I post a thought, a desire, and place it on this pole like a sign. At that very moment I witness so many appearing to read it and then begin work to carry it out. I am only learning and beginning to understand dominion over the realms.

I want you to understand something. It is very comforting to know you are there. I know you are sorry for how all of this ended up. I want you to understand something, along with everyone else. I am incapable of ever entering into a relationship. I am too badly damaged and incapable of bringing that kind of energy, trust and vulnerability to the table. I do not want to be touched. I do not want to attempt to go there with anyone. I have accepted it and I have accepted who I am and I am not cut out for it. Perhaps that is my cross to bear. What I want more than anything is to somehow be in a type of ‘monastery life’ the best I can without actually being in one. Well, at least until my children are grown and then I can retreat to that kind of solitude.

I sometimes not only see these beings coming to read my requests and leaving to work towards fulfilling them, but also see these papers on the table in front of God the Father. He will write in response to some of them. In my desire to keep you protected, He wrote, “Will be protected.” I want that to be known so this terrible group will be forewarned.

I need you to help me find a place where I can be at rest and not continually harassed by this horrific monstrous government that is abusive. They have violated my human rights beyond belief. They are unethical and horrific people. They are unethical and corrupt in spirit. They are not funny. They are not my friends playing some fun jokes on me. They are relentlessly harassing me and it is unethical to say the least. I am barely dragging myself out of bed in the mornings, walking around with a knot in my throat trying to choke down the last 6 years and they think it is some kind of sick fun to harass me at this job. It is unethical to say the least. Sergey, I cannot bear the cruelty of this world any longer. I am asking you to help me find a place to be. No, I don’t ever have to see you or disrupt your life. No, I am not asking you to give me a job at google. I am asking you to use your resources and knowledge to point me in the direction of a peaceful job where I can get out of bed in the morning and not feel the weight of government invasion and harassment. A place away from retail and business that would place many in harms way by my presence. A place that would be a joy and fulfillment. A peaceful place that is quiet.

And no, the government or governmental agencies are not within legal right to ever do what they have done to me at this job. For these people to think they have the right to torment me, harass, abuse and continually to poke at me is absolutely absurd. For them to think that they have legal right to withhold connection and twist my arm until I stop crying uncle is absolutely absurd. They are unethical and criminal to say the least. For these people to think they have the right to torment me, harass, abuse and continually is absolutely absurd. Someday maybe I will tell you of all the things they’ve done to me there. It is unreal. No, there was no call for it at all. They are without legal right to do what they have been doing. It is gross human rights violations. It is abuse. It is harassment. It is unethical to say the least.

Sergey, I don’t ever want you to feel like you owe me a favor, but I am asking for one. Please help me find a peaceful place to be and have a forever job to call home where I can be of use and quietly work without such treatment. It is criminal abuse. Those behind the scenes there should be charged and prosecuted, not to mention forced to resign and never work in a government capacity again. I cannot wrap my mind around it. I cannot understand how anyone could think that was the thing to do to me or excusable or okay. No, the government is without excuse, and without legal right to ever abuse, mistreat, harass, or invade one’s job or private life.

I need a place to be that is not around masses of people and is quiet, around quality people who are of integrity and decent. I need to find a way to protect my spirit while earning a living.