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I have cried out for help, for connection, times I literally begged for it –for years.

I posted a petition in the other realm the other day that called for no mercy for those behind this. I saw my paper then on the table before God the Father, and He wrote, “there will be no mercy for many”.

What has been done to me is without excuse. And those who try and spin things to keep this nightmare going at my expense are fucking lunatics to say the least. It is reckless endangerment of countless lives. It is mental torture. It is cruel. No, there never was any “excuse” or any kind of “honorable strategy” in doing what they have done and subjected me to for 6 years. On top of it –purposefully and willfully withholding connection –why? Oh, because we have to smoke people out, or Oh we have to do it this way so she doesn’t say something that she shouldn’t online and blow some kind of plan. Understand this is a trickle down of thought from the entirely corrupt treasonous lot that are trying to get me murdered. There NEVER was any justifiable excuse for withholding connection. It is cruel beyond belief. The corruption and absolute lack of common sense and common decency is astounding.

You are without excuse for your gross negligence, your willful and wanton conduct, your reckless endangerment of countless lives, your attempted murder, your cruel emotional torment and torture, your gross human rights violations –MANY of you belong in prison for the rest of your lives.

It is attempted murder for 6 years and many of you are accomplices.

You are corrupt in spirit and depraved in mind. You lack common sense. You lack common decency. You cannot even comprehend common sense of the law, and not because you are complete and total idiots, though your behavior suggests otherwise. Common sense and common decency elude you because they do not support your corrupt narrative.

It is a fake store front for a criminal organization.

There will be no mercy for you. Even when you call out for it and beg for it, there will be none. You will know what it feels like to do what you’ve done to so many others.

I do not know what is worse, the corrupt monsters running the show, or the goddamn fucking idiots doing their bidding.

6 years is no fucking gaffe.

You are goddamn murderous traitors.