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Once we accept that it is all one big Hollywood reality show, we can better work towards ending the circus. It is a fake store front. It is all bought and paid for, a facade. It is a deception by traitors against the entire nation. It is all by those pulling invisible strings to create the big smokescreen, to keep everyone blinded with party pride and distracted so those invisible players can continue to be in control of the money and drain the country dry of its wealth.

No, I will not be voting. You see, it doesn’t matter who is in office. Who will be the fake puppet with the illusion of power this next term? I want no part in this horrific criminal organization of traitors guilty of the highest treason against all mankind.

I have asked God for a very specific assignment. I have asked that Trump will not be re-elected for a second term as a consequence for such dishonor towards truth and the safety of the American people. No one who puts political agenda above national security and the safety of the people should be in any leadership role whatsoever. I have stood in Heaven and asked God that He would not allow Trump a second term and that all Trumps would forever be hindered from involvement in the political arena. No one who seeks to cover up foreign hostile powers that have been murdering and devastating our citizens is fit for servitude of the people.

The classification of information has been a key factor in the establishment and protection of this treasonous hidden shadow government taking root. It needs to be outlawed and all things in plain view. The federal control of money should end. Each state should be in control of that state’s money, a strict governance of the wealth of that state and seeking the advancement and enrichment of the people taking up residence there. Federal employees should be in control of ONE piece of the tax payer money, and that is their very own paycheck. That is the only money that should be given to them, their payroll, nothing more. No politician should ever be in charge of balancing budget or control of the people’s money –ever. This will end the corruption. This will end the state that we are in. It will end the mass murder, the government betrayal. Of course there will always be someone trying at even the state level to corrupt and steal, but this is where we create a system that looks at itself with those of all counties working to keep all accountable, with real time viewable spreadsheets of actual dollars by all the people of not only that state, but the entire country. It is after all a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

You are in tax slavery and you are being played –each and every one having their human rights violated by this treasonous shadow government and their sold out puppets. Many in Hollywood have a hand in the treason, corruption, crime, wag the dog reality show, war for profit, and deception –laundering billions of taxpayer dollars to foreign hostile powers and also back into their own pockets, draining the country dry of its wealth. So many are struggling in this housing crises, homeless crisis, drug crisis, health care nightmare –all because of Hollywood, the CIA and the nightmare they have created and put upon all.

Rather than billions upon billions laundered out of the country under the guise of “foreign aid” and so called “honorable causes”, we could be building our very own Atlantis. And once this business model is established, we could then in turn extend a hand to others in helping to establish the same business model.

I am 110% against a socialism construct because it is a government deception and sets society up for the greatest corruption. This is what we are under now, though it has been disguised. It is a tax slavery system designed by so called “elites”. We need a government designed to adhere to the proper intended design of taxation –a small amount coming together to create a large amount that builds communities and self sustaining fountains of prosperity. A socialist construct rather takes a large amount from all, claiming to be working for all to redistribute the wealth to all, but it really redistributes a small amount back to all while keeping the majority for the corrupt government. It is a breeding ground for corruption and “social class”. It primes societies for a poverty class and a slavery established amongst the poor that will lock them in and forever working for those at the top of the scheme. It pushes down the masses while elevating a 1%. This is what has been taking root in our country underneath our noses and we can see our very own European Medieval nightmare blossoming in many places with people shitting in the streets. The CIA loves to inoculate communities with drugs –it is a sick group of “Elite” serial mass murder psychopaths that seriously believe in a very sick “population control” agenda and believe, yes believe, they have the right to murder and devastate any and all. May the odds be ever in your favor. Just another Hollywood reality show wrapped up in a movie.

The CIA should be destroyed. They prime countries for war. They understand “mind control” and the effect that pride has on the subconscious. They understand that religion and race are a great place to incite tensions and create hostile groups that will start wars. They establish sold out traitors to their own called “provocateurs”, that will appear to be of their people, but are really bought and paid for traitors looking to create terror by playing on religious pride and mind control. It is a war for profit agenda.

All, this whole planet, have been subject to the highest treason against mankind. They are a very mentally ill group of psychopaths and traitors who will do anything for a buck.

They are a menace to society and a plague to the nations –this group has been hidden and behind so much war and devastation, yes, even by engineered storms and fires and quakes, oh my. They have been doing this for a very very long time. The entire world needs to rise up and overtake all who claim a status above anyone else and believe they are entitled to subject you to work for their wealth.

Believe me, I am against a socialist construct 110%, but if Hillary is against Sanders, then that makes me want to vote for Sanders. Nevertheless, no matter the front man who is only a puppet, it will all be governed by the shadow government that is sold out traitors to foreign hostile powers.

Dissolve the political bands. Put the traitors in gitmo. No, when you become a government employee you do not cross some great invisible chasm to enter the land of entitlement to murder, devastate, and launder the wealth of the nation away.

Whenever any form of government becomes destructive to life, to liberty, or to the pursuit of happiness, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.

End the classification of information that is an avenue for corruption to protect itself. It is a method for traitors to act criminally. It is a violation of our rights, and as a matter of fact, counterintuitive to common sense.