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Near to the waking hours I was shown a vision in my mind of what we call a “gray” alien. He was right before me, looking at me, and the omega sign was on his forehead. It looked as though it was engraved or burned into him like it was from a branding iron. It was close to being somewhat between his large eyes.

Last week I was shown repeatedly the omega sign but upside down. It was flashing to me over and over.

Later in the morning today I was shown a flying object. It was white and a far off in the blue sky of our atmosphere. It was long and shaped like our big airplanes –like a Mike and Ike’s candy. If there were wings I could not see them. Then I knew for sure it was not one of ours because of the way it moved up and down. It was impossible moves for our technology.

I am wondering why I am already seeing Putin reacting to this blog post before I even post it.

I cannot urge this enough: Kingdom living seeks the highest good of all. There is no territorial spirit, though there are strict boundaries that protect the freedom for all to be. All are safe to be, none are safe to harm or oppress.