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If you have a problem with freedom, then you are the problem. If you have a problem with prosperity for all, then you are oppressive and corrupt in spirit. If you believe freedom only applies to you, and that it implies the freedom to harm or oppress others, then you are a threat to all mankind and an enemy against all of humanity. You are corrupt in spirit and depraved in your mind. You are seen by the Universe as the most un-evolved of all.

We are either of the character that fights for freedom, or we are of the character that fights against it. Those greedy souls that crave to stomp freedoms are really of a jealous and fearful spirit that cannot allow anyone walking in a truth or abundance that they cannot allow for their self.

They will use you. They will abuse you. They will take from you. They will murder you.

The people of all lands must overthrow tyranny and trample down any who believe they are entitled to oppress and subject all to systems of slavery.

The governing will be governed.