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I will always be sad. I will always be unwell. I have to accept it and learn how to function as damaged. It is like when someone gets their legs blown off. They are not coming back. There is no pretending they are there. I will never be well and I will always be sad. I have been emotionally tormented for 6 years, intentionally and willfully by those who were supposed to protect me from such a terror ever happening. On top of it all, I have suffered tremendous loss, time with my children, and have been harassed, abused, bullied.

I will never be okay.

Those still hiding out behind this blog, hindering it because you can’t bear the thought of me making a living off of writing and being able to stay home and attempt to recover, and those still hiding out at my place of employment because you think it is funny to poke at me non stop, even knocking on the wall in the bathroom to make sure I know that you know that you are even listening to me take a shit, there is nothing I want more than for your life to burn to nothing and destruction to fall upon you so that you will wear karma for the rest of your lives. You will get no mercy because you showed none. You are depraved. You are corrupt in spirit. You are mean spirited. You are terrible people that deserve to spend the rest of your lives in prison. No, you are not funny. You are sicker than I. I am wounded. You are monsters that deserve what you are going to get. When you beg for mercy there will be none.