From an article on MSN titled: “Bigamy is a felony in Utah. A new bill would change it to an infraction”. Follow the link above in the caption under the photo if you’d like.

What we are doing is awakening to very radical spiritual truths. These are truths that speak to the Spiritual Kingdom of believers, and they speak to the freedoms applied to all in the secular realm. For a very long time both have influenced each other in various ways.

My rights end where yours begin. Your rights end where mine begin. I don’t have the right to micromanage your life. You do not have the right to micromanage my life. In Ultimate Freedom, we are free to be. Certainly, this can never be twisted to imply the “right to harm”. Absolutely, freedom can never imply the freedom to act without another’s consent. The innocent and defenseless must be protected from abuse. But where you have consenting adults there can be NO LAW. Notice I said both “consenting” and “ADULTS”. Because the innocent must be protected from abuse and harm, there has to be a guideline to safely determine “adulthood”. This adulthood that most of us consider to be 18 is a safe guideline, even though many times 18 year old people are not mature enough to make such life changing choices such as marriage, conventional or non. Many of us are subject to life experience without guidance, or wise leadership, and left to learn after the fact. Live your life, but make informed choices. But understand that there must be a guideline set to prevent child abuse and there should never be the forcing of such arrangements, conventional or non, in religious circles. It must be consenting, and it must be adults.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. We can never tolerate a government that impedes upon these rights in any way, or becomes destructive to them.

Your Pursuit of Happiness might look completely different than mine. My Pursuit of Happiness might look completely different than yours. That is okay.

What is not okay is to persecute others through secular law, or through religious law, for matters of choice. It is Human Rights Violations to do so. We cannot write laws that violate freedoms in any way. Again, freedom never implies the freedom to harm, abuse, coerce, or oppress in any way. And no, abuse can never be a “religious right”. It must be consenting, and it must be adults even if it is a “tradition” within certain collectives. All are free to be and live, none are free to abuse or harm.

There must be freedom, and there also is preference. I do not have the right to tell you what is right for you aside from healthy boundaries that protect the innocent. It may not be for me. But that does not mean I have the right to tell you that you cannot do it either. Personally, this is not an arrangement that is attractive to me. I would never be agreeable to it. I have no desire for it. I desire one object of desire, and I desire for that object to be like minded, both placing each other in a very special seat of honor. That is my preference. It does not have to be yours. And you know what, we can still be friends and interact socially together with different lifestyles. But understand two very important things:

  • The government is committing serious human rights violations to become destructive to your life, your liberty, and your pursuit of happiness.
  • Freedom to be never implies the freedom to harm. It must be consenting and it must be adults.

Now speaking specifically to the religious circles, to the very large number of collectives in the Judeo-Christian spectrum, and yes this also applies to the Judeo- denomination we call Islam:

We must press into a correct understanding of the ancient writings. This may be new to some of you, but many of you that have been reading my thoughts have heard this often. Whether Jew, Christian, or Muslim, we all trace our faith back to the Garden of Eden. We read of a time when God walked on this earth that is before the ‘fall’. It was a time when there was NO LAW. There was only ONE LAW, and that one law forbids all other laws. The one law that governs Heaven and cultivates a Paradise on Earth is this: Do not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, in the day you eat of it you will surely die. Or put plainly: Do not practice spiritual judgement that is hostility and separates you from the Holy Spirit of Love. There is a vast difference in discernment and spiritual condemnation through law. In breaking the One Law, we were given the many because we were separated from the Spirit of Love and governed by fear. The veil was given and we were set on course through an age of darkness. Why? So that a God of Love could die that the bondage of decay, the wages of death, could be paid and the curse broken. This was the only way to satisfy the nature of God and the debt be paid. It was a temporary set up. Law is described as “enmity” or “hostility”. As soon as we create spiritual laws, or cultural practice, that settle as beliefs within collectives, they become what is known as “hostility” between mankind and the Bride who is to carry the Holy Spirit. In breaking the ONE LAW we practice the many, and in practicing the many we become the “man of lawlessness” by not having the ONE LAW that forbids all others.

This is why it is written that in former times God winked at the ignorance of men, but is now calling all to repent and turn away from it. From what? From law, from practicing lawlessness. He winked at it and allowed it because He knew it would produce the darkest of times and the hostility would cause Him to be put on a cross. This is the secret power of lawlessness, that it destroys itself.

Let no one judge you. And certainly do not allow secular law to infringe upon Human Rights. Without judgement there is still preference. I don’t have to like it or want it for myself, but I can still call you friend and allow you to be who you are.