Speak to the Universe

When we honor our self we are more likely to honor others. We can manifest from all different kinds of places. We can manifest from wounds, from fear, from love…

Honoring self and others is key in the Ultimate Freedom to be. There must be no fear in communicating our truth, but that does not mean you can force your truth on anyone else.

We all have a right to be. Freedom never implies the right to abuse, harm or betray. Communicate freely and clearly with the understanding that your truth might separate you from others. It is better to be truthful than betray or act dishonorably. Find those who are like minded and allow all to be. You are safe to leave others behind. You are safe to find your truth and not compromise. You are safe to have a human experience and even learn what is not for you, what is unhealthy manifestations, and what does not serve your spirit or what is or isn’t your highest expression.