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The ability to think critically really has nothing to do with “smarts”. Neither does it have anything to do with whether or not you followed a recipe to get a degree. Congrats on getting a passing grade to fitting in the box. It really has to do with simply sitting with something long enough, asking the right questions, and yes a lot of the time it must be met with an open mind and willingness to allow yourself to be wrong so you can see other aspects of an idea. Being teachable has no room for pride. Perhaps Grandpa got it wrong. It will be okay. You will go on to lead a full and happy life. You will be okay living in truth rather than illusion.

Critical thinking is the mental process of analyzing or evaluating information. ‘To reason‘ is the capacity for rational thought, or to think logically. … This requires us to organize our thinking, integrate the information at hand, distinguish between what is fact and what is opinion, and then weigh potential outcomes.”

Sometimes our greatest genius lies within the moment we perceive our self to be a fool and ask for wisdom.

“Now if any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.”

James 1:5

Even if you reject the Messiah, you cannot reject the foundation of your faith and it alone bears witness to the truth. He is the Chief Cornerstone and all who build around Him are building upon a faith that begins right here in the Garden of Eden. The design of what you build will determine on how you read this truth of our shared foundation. Whether Jew, Christian, or Muslim, it is the foundation of our faith and it is the Pearl of Great Value that is hidden in a field waiting to be discovered. When it is discovered one will get rid of all other thoughts in order to have this one perfect Word.