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I’ve seen you more than you know. I am not like most. I am attracted to what God calls me to. I am attracted to what He shows me and calls my attention to –to the inner self. It is a deep spiritual connection that I crave. I crave to have this with someone who knows my whole truth. Even in that there is still free will. I have learned that. I am being encouraged by the angelic realm not to shut you out, as I am very concerned with protecting myself. I see that we write at times and it can be full of edits. I imagine those pages full of edits are God’s favorite. They reveal something sweet that can’t be found in the final copy –something real, something raw, something uncut. The effort that we see as scribble and scratch is charming and endearing to Him. I see you writing.

It is God that calls you to my attention and for that reason I want to know more. I don’t long to look at perfection, but all of you. Perhaps that is what this journey was to teach me.