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  • They have a royal storm boat stationed out in the sea to create a century of hurricanes to murder and devastate.
  • They have gigantic underground drills to provoke earthquakes and tsunami’s.
  • They have lasers to create “seasonal” fires.
  • They have lasers to melt ice.

Then on top of having all that they have the audacity to charge humankind trillions of dollars for “global warming” or “climate change”.

Reparations are due.

Consequences are warranted.

Make no mistake, the most significant and tangible consequences are warranted. These acts of war shall not go unpunished. We cannot tolerate a treasonous government and more so than that, we cannot tolerate a treasonous military that operates to protect traitors and serve foreign hostile powers. Yes, soldiers, your high ranking officials have been serving treason and even seeking to protect the ones responsible for trying to destroy a Navy ship for no reason other than his panties were in a wad.

We cannot tolerate a treasonous government and a treasonous military that serves foreign hostile powers and murders us at Will.

Dear United States Government:

Understand my Human Rights. Understand my right to life, to liberty, and to the pursuit of happiness. Understand that you have become destructive to our inherent rights. Understand that I have a right to defend myself. Understand that I have a right to alter or abolish any form of government that has become destructive to these ends. Understand that you are without legal right to retaliate or abuse power in any way against whistle blowers. Understand my rights and how they limit yours.

Yours Truly,

Lynnette Marie Bradley