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No, capitalizing on criminal money laundering of taxes is not capitalism. The intended purpose of taxation is not the picture of a government abusing power and draining the wealth of the nation away creating a slow decline into our very own European Medieval shit show –a housing crises, a homeless crises, places where people shit in the streets. We do not exist to slave away so global elites who think they are above everyone else can take what you work for. That includes those traitors in Hollywood who think they are so special being in the secret club. This is not a capitalistic construct. It is a socialism construct though it is going on underneath your noses. The intended purpose of taxation is to build community. It is the picture of a small amount by all coming together to create a large amount that will establish communities that are like fountains flowing upon all. No, that is not socialism. Socialism likes to put up a front of all being cared for, but it is not. Capitalism with taxation is the picture of self sustaining communities and a flourishing marketplace. Socialism is the picture of an larger than necessary government taking all from all in order to redistribute a small amount to all while keeping masses to their selves. We have one where a small amount is taken from all to create a large amount that establishes self sustaining fountains of flourishing communities, and then we have one that takes large amounts and redistributes a small amount to all that drains the nation away of its wealth. Do you see the difference? Even though we have been in this illusion of capitalism that some have benefited from, we are under a socialism construct that has been a type of hidden tax slavery –hence the astronomical deficit, funding that has been cut to so many things, threats of the system you pay into going away –social security benefits no more, health care nightmare, housing/homeless nightmare….. We do not need a 70% tax and a socialism horror show that further pushes down the masses and further establishes wealth for a 1% and creates a gap that is nearly impossible for the 99% to cross.

We need to put the traitors in gitmo. We need to end the federal government control of money. They can get a paycheck from a governed payroll by the IRS and nothing more. Create the self sustaining fountains and end the drain on this country by taking away the control of money and allowing each state to strictly govern the wealth and create incredible communities of innovation and design.

The problem is the traitor politicians. The problem is Hollywood moguls paying for the sick reality show to continue on so they too can get their hands on the laundered tax dollars, and the problem is the global elite who think you are fun to murder and take from.

Now, I am going to try and take care of myself instead of worrying about everyone else, or wondering if this is the day I die, or what timeline I am on or what I might have to put up with at work on Monday. I am going to pray and meditate, and eat, and shower extra long, and maybe go for a long walk. Maybe I will read. I hope to engage in tender prayers of inquiry making some serious petitions for a time of quiet solitude where I can feel isolated and secure.

Perhaps I’ll see bombs tonight. Maybe I’ll see myself again being kidnapped and brutally tortured. Maybe I’ll see me in flight going down. Maybe I’ll see someone I love betraying me. Perhaps I’ll see food being contaminated. Or maybe it will be a bullet.

There will always be bad people until Heaven invades earth. But the true horror is those who see horror but do nothing. You know who you are. But who cares right? You got some money and a special medal that says you are in a special club.

Self care Saturday.