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I’ve spent a great deal of time in thought about it. Why would God choose the likes of me for a task such as this? I think maybe a part of the reason is that in our weaknesses He is made strong. Imagine that then. Imagine then how He can show up more so in some than others and it is the weak that host the more of Him. It is a band of misfits that tend to turn His head. He likes showing up where it seems impossible. I picture Him like a school yard scene –the one you typically see in movies where the kid most unlikely to be successful is left not chosen until fate forces him on the team whose turn it is to pick, and no one else is left. But He, rather than picking the strong and most likely, looks out and chooses as first choice one that is shocking. He sees things others cannot. It is the most unlikely that are chosen to do what is most unlikely. He loves the underdog. But think about the fact that, as an empath, this way of being can be painful. What is the problem with pain? Other than those without it fail to feel for others. Who is going to take up the fight for those who cannot fight for themselves? Who even cares? The person who feels nothing for others and the sight of suffering and wrongdoing has no effect upon their soul? So, I’ve learned to stop beating myself up for feeling and being a sensitive soul. For it is in feeling I became known to Him and was chosen. Sensitivity may cause me to stumble, but it also causes me to move and do things that others couldn’t have cared less to do. In our weaknesses is our superpower, because in our weaknesses His strength is found. In our weaknesses we will find our greatest strengths and our highest path.