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God showed me a beautiful future scene. It was one that had beautiful weather, clean air, water, and a landscape that was incredible. The buildings were sleek. A flying saucer flew by at about eye level above the ground and through the buildings. Then I was shown a helicopter in the sky off in the distance and someone targeted it to bring it down with a type of video game weaponry –an invisible blast and it fell out of the sky. I was in it. That whole future scene went down with me.

They are just waiting for the moment to make it happen.

Listen very carefully. We are living in a fake illusion. This government is a fake store front, as so many others. This is not the land of the free. I know those here have a much greater experience of freedom than most, but it is not what it seems. Those who are acting “behind the scenes” are very happy to keep you under the illusion and “comfortable” just enough and sold out on “pride” to keep you fighting for things that too are an illusion. This is a country that is under tax slavery. Billions upon billions are laundered through the government every year under the guise of honorable causes. It is all a big Hollywood reality show. They love for you to believe you are fighting for your party. Divide and conquer politics do just that. They keep you under an illusion, blinded by pride and fighting while they laugh to the bank. The corruption is horrific. It is a terrorist organization. They are partnered with foreign hostile powers and they have no problem in setting up things like 9/11, or the brainwashing of climate change. No, it’s not that climate change does not happen. It does. We common folk call it seasons. Whether it is the seasons that happen yearly or ages. Yes, we are subject to planetary “seasons” called ages or periods. They have no problem in allowing a century of engineering storms and fires cause insurmountable devastation and loss, and murder you. If you even slightly begin to see the truth, well, we can then simply have an impeachment, or bomb a random CIA provocateur to make everyone cheer gleefully that America is fighting the good fight. America is a false flag. They are liars. They are murderers. They are the terrorists. They seek the interests of the “secret big boys club”. “Hey kids don’t look at the Royals murdering you. Here, check out this middle eastern looking guy that is a CIA provocateur of terror blow up.” Don’t we all feel better now?

You are being played.

Greener living? –heck yes. Let’s all strive for greener living by making informed choices to choose the best choice available. We do not need to send 500 billion over the next ten years overseas to do that. What does tax slavery look like? Well, when you have a country like America that will not stand for it, it looks like the CIA installing provocateurs all over to incite tensions and prime countries for war, causing insurmountable damage, war for profit, and then the funneling of mass amounts of dollars through “foreign aid” on top of it all. It looks like creating false causes like global warming or climate change to drain the country dry of its wealth while Hollywood moguls, corporate big guys, and global elites all get their piece of the pie. There is no amount of money that will keep winter from happening, and there is no amount of money that will keep planetary ages from happening. Though there is a bomb that will blow up royal storm boats that create hurricanes to murder you, and bombs to blow up headquarters where people sit and push a button to down helicopters, or ignite “seasonal” fires with lasers, or command giant drills to provoke earthquakes. And let’s not forget engineered “outbreaks” of new diseases or the good old fashioned ones.

Wake up.

You know, I read that the sea levels were highest during the Cretaceous period than any other time in Earth’s history. And that the Cretaceous Period began with Earth’s land assembled essentially into two continents, Laurasia in the north and Gondwana in the south. For some reason I picture Mr. Burns present during this time like Wylie Coyote pushing down the plunger to a big bomb separating the continents.

“The Cretaceous began 145.0 million years ago and ended 66 million years ago; it followed the Jurassic Period and was succeeded by the Paleogene Period (the first of the two periods into which the Tertiary Period was divided). The Cretaceous is the longest period of the Phanerozoic Eon. Spanning 79 million years, it represents more time than has elapsed since the extinction of the dinosaurs, which occurred at the end of the period.”

But of course, from the Encyclopedia Britannica

I also read that the Ozone layer is closing up and the things that actually have the most impact on it is not human behaviors, but volcanoes. That is interesting. Am I contending for smog? Not in the least. Let’s press on to smarter, greener living, but let’s also see the smokescreen for what it is. What is happening is planetary ages. We have oh so “forbidden maps” that “aren’t supposed to be in existence” from a very long time ago that mapped out places that shouldn’t have been mapped out because they are supposed to be covered in ice. What is happening is our planet is once again returning to a time of becoming a “self watering ecosystem” once the Ozone is done repairing itself. But I’m sure some rich elite psychopaths will drop some nukes in some volcanoes to keep it from happening. They’ll get your money one way or another. Quick! Mars is going after Uranus! Send the billionaire elites 1 trillion dollars now!

Ask yourselves this question: Why do we have an FDA and the most government controlled food and drug marketplace, but the most additives, the best emergency care/medicine, but the most sick….Why does our most regulated food marketplace contain the most additives that are strictly forbidden in other places? You are a bunch of peasant tax slaves for those who believe in population control, war for profit and death and disease for everyone! May the odds be ever in your favor. It’s Soylent Green, my friends.

Politicians are not elected. They are selected. Which puppet do you prefer to be in there while the shadow government undermines the people and does whatever it wants, including murdering you?

  • Destroy the CIA
  • Take away the power of the Federal Government. No politician should ever be in charge of the nation’s wealth –EVER.
  • Shift the focus of the IRS to no longer work for the criminal corrupt organization of traitors. Shift the focus of the IRS to work FOR the People and monitor the government.
  • Let each state have absolute control over the wealth of that state, a small amount allotted to the federal government –for what? For payroll for the employees –that is it. That’s right! No more billions laundered every year. That’s right! No more slush funds of millions to cover the asses of those grabbing asses! Incredible how they have caused this housing crises, health care nightmare, and have the audacity to speak of raising taxes. We do not need our very own failed socialism experiment. We need to take away the control of the money and have each state govern their wealth and build community. We have a right to pay taxes and have those dollars work for us. Not subjected to a tax slavery nightmare that is turning the country into a shit hole just so some sold out traitor politicians that are guilty of treason can get some bucks while they drain the country dry of its wealth and give it to global elites. Each state should have an IRS that is designed to work for the people of that state. Each county should strictly oversee the state level IRS to keep everyone in check and all accountable. Dollars should be viewable on a real time online spreadsheet. What we have now IS socialism under the illusion of capitalism. We need a capitalistic construct that supports and encourages innovation and design, an endless return for the creative –not a hidden tax slavery robbing us of our future.

Power to the People!

Party politics are a joke and designed so long ago to play on pride and create a divide and conquer smokescreen while power players take the money. These politicians are ridiculous. They talk of increasing minimum wage, while increasing taxes. They talk of how social security will run out and you will have to work until your 80 while they sign the papers to send billions of your tax dollars over seas.

The “Royals”, European and Saudi, and the Vatican have enough to rebuild that side of the planet 7 times over and probably more than that. Let America focus on the Americas. Let’s work to rebuild what has been stolen from us and end the deception. Let’s end the housing crises. Let’s rescue the homeless. Let’s create an incredible landscape of innovation and design. Let’s create a flourishing marketplace that explodes from the freedom to be creative and have endless return. Let’s position our children with remarkable options in education for trade and artisan craft and small business.

Our government has betrayed us. They are traitors. Make no mistake, it is treason against the entire country.

No group, whether religious, secular, OR SATANIC, is entitled to harm others, or entitled to infiltrate government and undermine the country or our freedoms. Right, Mason’s? Any group that believes they are entitled to harm you are a threat to all mankind. They are an enemy of the state and a threat to freedom.

We can no longer tolerate this treasonous government that serves foreign hostile powers that murder us and devastate us with destruction and disease. They are a menace to society and a plague to the nations. They have been a thorn in the side of humanity for centuries. No one has the right to murder. No one has the right to “population control of the peasants that only exist to slave away for you”.

Dissolve the political bands that have tied us to tyranny.

Allies? Allies don’t send engineered storms and fires upon you for centuries while planting traitors in your government that will drain the country dry of its wealth in order to double their billionaire bank accounts. It is acts of war and bombing a random CIA provocateur that has the face of the middle east will not change the truth of what has happened. The face of terrorism is actually quite bloody lovely now isn’t it ol’ chap! You have ravaged this planet for centuries as you make it out to be that you are fighting for it, but not because you really are, but because it is a great way to launder money to support your terror. First murder, terrorize, devastate people and land for profit, then come in after the devastation and funnel more money on the back end of your terror under the guise of foreign aid.

You are a menace to society, and a plague to the nations.

And what do we have? We have a military that is instituted to protect freedom? No. We have a military that serves the interest of foreign hostile powers and protects treason rather than protecting us from it. We have a military that serves tyranny and will gladly hunt citizens while foreign hostile powers commit acts of war on our soil. We have a military that engages in war games rather than fighting for freedom and defending the country.

6 years is no gaffe.

And no, no one who places political agenda and foreign interests above national security or the safety of the people should ever be in any leadership role whatsoever. What a disgrace you are. You are unfit to lead in any capacity.

I look forward to going down in that helicopter.

They are not counting on you being stupid, they are banking on it. Long live party pride! Right, Hollywood?