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The spoken word -so powerful that it acts upon all. “Unless the Lord builds the house those that labor do so in vain.” –Psalm 127. Our words are the house we live in. We are creating in ways still not quite understood. It is the “observer effect” of quantum physics. As you know, He has shown me so many pyramids and triangles in dreams and visions. Many times they are shown to me to represent me and my own personal evolution of thought becoming pure and undefiled by fear and self judgements.

This morning I was shown an interesting scene that had objects that seemed over sized and out of proportion. It was a bright sunny day. There was a pyramid on a sidewalk by a paved city street. The sun in the sky was right beside it and not looking as it does in its natural state, but something that was drawn like an artists interpretation with drawn waves of fire and a face, yet still it was a raging fire. Then it was like a solar flare. A part of the sun burst out and went over to the pyramid and lit up the top of it. The entire scene flashed with blinding light. The pyramid, that was to represent me, now had its own sun burning at the top and it looked like a sunburst of drawn rays coming out and shining brilliantly. It was so bright I could hardly see it.

I am very sensitive in the Spirit with these gifts that I stumble in. And quite frankly, I am just sensitive. I take things to heart. He is telling me to not take things to heart. We manifest what we are inside. We cannot allow others to sow their own darkness in our heart and then manifest from that.

 “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

Proverbs 4:23

I have thought about this and meditated on this for so long. It is so important –above everything else, guard your heart. It is not in the sense of putting up a wall, but in the sense of not allowing the seeds of futility and darkness to be sown within and manifest in your life in unhealthy behaviors. Yet, here I am with PTSD. Perhaps that is different, living in a state of war and not just daily life happenings. I don’t know. But I do know there are times and situations that are so small and we can let them steal our joy –a rude teller or grocery clerk, someone driving on the road. Do you ever take those things to heart? He is saying, don’t. Do not ever take them to heart, but guard your heart. If you allow it in there, soon enough it will come out in a way that is also darkness. We all are manifesting from within. Do not allow someone else to sow their own darkness in you.

We speak and the entire Universe feels it.

I’ve asked a million times, “Will I be healed from all this?” I am hoping this vision is of the moment that I believe will be my encounter with the Son and a moment of healing that is powerful. It is very difficult to be an extremely wounded person and to have the days show up like a world full of people to poke you in your wounds.

So, I have been actively praying “build my house.” But also do more, lead me to the day of no return. I am not sure if others who are perceptive have picked up on this, but there has been a shift out there in the Universe. When will this event between me and the Son of God occur? I’ve been waiting for so long and am receiving signs closer and closer together, like the birth pangs of a woman. He did after all say it would be like the breaking of waters. I am after all drawing things out on graph paper, and He is the one that showed Himself pooling like liquid fire in my drawings.

I know the time is near.